Grand Prairie Police Support High Quality Pre-K Programs

high quality pre-k programs
Grand Prairie Asst. Chief Larry Simmons, Asst. Chief Mike Gudgel, and Sergeant Chris Weis read to students at Crockett Early Education School.

GRAND PRAIRIE— Recently, members of the Grand Prairie Police Department participated in a roundtable discussion at Crockett Early Education School. Sergeant Chris Weis, Assistant Chiefs Larry Simmons and Mike Gudgel and administrators discussed the importance of Early Childhood Education.

For years educators and officers touted the importance of high-quality Pre-K programs. Furthermore, studies reported that high-quality Pre-K programs are vital to setting a strong foundation for future academic success.

Officers also identified the correlation between students that go astray academically and the chances of participating in crime later. This isn’t a new concept. Since  the 1970s, studies have pointed at the link between education, unemployment, and poverty.

The Principal of the Crockett Early Education School, Alisha Crumley, also noted how thankful they were that their school was awarded grant dollars this past summer. In the last Texas Legislative Session, Governor Abbott appropriated over $130 million for early education grants.

A portion of those funds have been used for their parent engagement services. Which, according to Crumley, have made a huge difference with parental involvement and academic performance.

May 29, 2015 Rep. Giddings looks on as Governor Greg Abbott signs House Bill #4 into law. Giddings was a Co-Author and staunch supporter of the bill which authorized $130 million over two years for public school districts to improve the quality of the state’s pre-Kindergarten programs.

Law Enforcement Advocating For Children

Chief Steve Dye and other law enforcement organizations, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, will continue to encourage lawmakers to pursue similar funding.

In 2016, Council for a Strong America’s members met with the top leaders in Congress, state legislators in 30 states, and 10 of the presidential candidates to educate them about the importance of investments in children, youth, and families.

Following the discussion, the officers read to the students and surprised them with a tour of their patrol cars. Finally, students got hands on experience with a number of “cool gadgets,” including the fun lights and sirens.