Glenn Heights’ Oldest Neighborhood Gets Water, Road Improvements

Work is underway in Glenn Heights oldest neighborhood Photo courtesy Glenn Heights Public Works

Mesa Addition Gets Infrastructure Upgrades

GLENN HEIGHTS – Late last month the City of Glenn Heights began a Capital Project in the city to improve both water and roads in the city’s oldest neighborhood. The water main and road improvements project began on April 29.

Earlier in April the City of Glenn Heights began the process of the improvements as the long anticipated capital project was finally underway in the city’s Mesa Addition. The project is being led by the city’s contract partner Douglas Daley Construction. It will include the replacement of six-inch water lines with eight-inch lines to improve water flow and capacity and reduce the number of water line breaks within the neighborhood.

Deputy City Manager Michael Rogers who is the project manager for the City said, “We are excited to start this project in the Mesa subdivision in a holistic manner, where upgrades of the water, gas and roadway will all be replaced as part of the same project and be completed within 180 days.”

180 Days of Construction

The project will also include the repaving and replacement of roads, curbs and guttering to improve surface drainage. As a concurrent phase of the utility and road improvements, Atmos Energy will be making gas line improvements within the Mesa Addition to help improve service delivery to residential customers. All phases of the project are expected to be completed within the 180 day timeline per the terms of the contract with Douglas Daley Construction.

As part of the funding allocated for this capital improvement project, the City of Glenn Heights was awarded a grant in the amount of $236,000 from Dallas County in response to a competitive grant process for FY 2020 CARES Act funding received from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. The total budgeted cost approved for this capital project is $1.5 million.

For additional information about the Mesa Water Main Replacement and Road Improvements visit the City of Glenn Heights website at www.GlennHeightsTX.Gov/Current-Projects.