Get Refreshed With CANTEEN Cocktails

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Canteen Cocktails Are The Perfect Ready To Drink Cocktail

Admittedly I’m a little late to the canned cocktail scene. I’ve always preferred to mix my own beverages so I can control the amount of alcohol and sweetness. However, when hanging out with friends at the lake or someone’s house, it gets cumbersome to bring bottles of alcohol plus mixers. Its much easier to grab the cooler, add beer and canned cocktails plus ice.

CANTEEN Spirits recently sent us a box of their canned cocktails to try, and we found them easy to drink and refreshing. Bonus: CANTEEN has zero sugar and only 99 calories. This ready-to-drink cocktail doesn’t have an aftertaste and can be enjoyed with the guilt of “drinking your calories”.

Each can has the perfect combination of sparkling soda with premium vodka. We loved being able to grab a can from the fridge without stopping to measure ingredients. I poured one into my Bru-Mate trio over a little ice for a refreshing break from this Texas humidity. This is the perfect beverage for girls night, a day at the lake, relaxing by the pool or tailgating.

They’re available in eight flavors including lime, black cherry, cucumber mint, watermelon, strawberry, ruby red, and pineapple. The flavors were subtle and not over powering but also not bland. Choosing a favorite flavor will be hard, pineapple reminded me of Hawaii. Lime was refreshing and black cherry was definitely one of my top two favorites.

Check your local stores CANTEEN is available in 6-pack 12 oz. cans and has an ABV of 5%, or look for the 12 pack variety pack to try.

can of Canteen lime in ice
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A Healthier Alternative For Ready To Drink Cocktails

CANTEEN Spirits is based in Austin and led by CEO Brandon Cason, an expert entrepreneur and thought leader in the beverage industry. The team behind CANTEEN Spirits seek to be category leaders in the ready-to-drink space as the go-to choice for adventure-seekers who crave healthier alternatives.

If you prefer tequila over vodka, or just want some variety, CANTEEN also makes CANTINA a tequila-based canned cocktail. CANTINA is available in three flavors: watermelon margarita, ranch water and grapefruit paloma. Each can has 99 calories and only 16 carbs.

And if you’re a gin drinker, CANTEEN Spirits is launching a new Gin Spritz available in three flavors, Blossom, Citrus and Ruby.

“We’re thrilled to announce CANTEEN Gin Spritz as the newest addition to our growing portfolio of ready-to-drink cocktails,” says Brandon Cason, CEO and Co-Founder of CANTEEN Spirits. “We’re creating a premium cocktail experience with three light and refreshing flavors that emphasize the botanical nature of gin and feature better-for-you ingredients.”

The new CANTEEN Gin Spritz three flavors are:

Blossom Gin Spritz with hibiscus and lime: the fruity and floral hibiscus elements balance with the essence of fresh squeezed lime and pair well with gin’s floral character.

Citrus Gin Spritz with lemon and cucumber: the natural citrus qualities of gin highlight the lemon, leading to a refreshingly crisp cucumber finish.

Ruby Gin Spritz with grapefruit and rosemary: a true Texas classic, this flavor showcases gin’s grapefruit backbone and finishes with a touch of herbal rosemary.

CANTEEN Gin Spritz has a 5% ABV and contains zero sugar, zero sodium and only 99 calories per can. The new ready-to-drink gin cocktail is available in individual cans as well as variety 6-packs for $9.99 – $12.99, dependent on state. CANTEEN Gin Spritz is currently gaining U.S. distributions and will continue to expand nationally throughout the year.

You can find CANTEEN vodka soda canned cocktails at your local liquor store or buy online at

Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive.