Duncanville STAGE 3 Water Warning, Conserve Water NOW

Duncanville water notice

Limit Water Usage To Prevent Boil Water Notice

Duncanville, TX (February 18, 2021) – Duncanville, in accordance with the City’s Water Conservation Plan, has implemented a STAGE 3 – Water Warning. The trigger for this STAGE 3 – Water Warming is a combination of ground and elevated storage capacity within the city being below 50% at the beginning of a 24-hour period.

The drawdown of water was caused by water line breaks due to freezing weather and challenges within the water distribution system due to power outages.

As part of the STAGE 3 – Water Warning, Duncanville residents are being asked to limit their water use in the following ways:
💧 Reduce toilet flushing
💧Reduce shower use
💧Reduce dishwasher use (maximize capacity when operating)
💧 Reduce/postpone washing clothes

Allowing faucets to drip to prevent frozen pipes is allowed. Residents can capture that water for other uses.

Residents’ participation in this conservation effort will help to prevent the potential for a water boil notice by helping the city’s water supply return to the levels necessary to safely serve the community.