Duncanville Bids Farewell to Mayor Gordon, Installs New Mayor and Councilmembers May 21

Outgoing and incoming Duncanville Mayors and wives
Outgoing Duncanville Mayor Barry L. Gordon & Marlyse Gordon with New Mayor Greg Contreras & Karen Contreras, courtesy photo

An engaged community filled the auditorium May 21, to bid a fond farewell to Duncanville Mayor Barry L. Gordon and First Lady Marlyse Gordon and applaud new Mayor Greg Contreras and First Lady Karen Contreras. Emotions were running high, as the outgoing and incoming Mayors each wiped away tears while praising their wives and thanking the city staff and community for their support. Standing ovations slowed the proceedings several times, but no one seemed to mind.

Duncanville council meeting
Crowd photo courtesy City of Duncanville

After a divisive year marked by multiple changes at Duncanville City Hall and a hard-fought municipal election, the community showed its readiness to look to the future. As newly elected City Councilman Kyle Pennebaker, taking the District 5 seat vacated by Mayor Contreras, said, “Let’s get to work! But no rookie hazing.”

Duncanville District 5 councilman with family
Kyle Pennebaker, Jennifer Pennebaker, and family photo courtesy City of Duncanville

District 2 incumbent Don McBurnett and District 4 incumbent Karen Cherry-Brown were also installed at the May 21 Duncanville City Council meeting. A brief reception was also held to honor outgoing Mayor Gordon for his service from 2018-2024.

New Mayor Greg Contreras Praised

City Council at Large member DeMonica Gooden summed up the feeling of many in the audience with her heartfelt comments after the installation, and graciously gave us permission to reprint them here.

Councilmember District 4
Karen Cherry Brown and spouse, photo courtesy City of Duncanville

“One characteristic I am most proud of about Duncanville is our multiculturalism. Our city is rich with diverse experiences and backgrounds, and this diversity is our superpower. It is a strength that I am eager to see us showcase to the world. We are already on the right path, as evidenced by our historic election of the first Latino Mayor for the City of Duncanville, Mayor Greg Contreras!”

“Duncanville, by electing Greg as your Mayor, you have chosen a man deeply engrained in our community. Mayor Contreras has dedicated 30 years as a city employee, with 25 of those years as Building Official, overseeing Code Enforcement, performing Health Inspections, and even being unanimously appointed by the Council as Interim City Manager from 2013-2014, all while continuing to oversee Building Inspections. His extensive experience and unwavering commitment to Duncanville make him the perfect ambassador to promote our city as open for business.”

Duncanville’s First Latino Mayor

“Mayor Contreras is the epitome of an overachiever. Not only is he our first Latino Mayor, but he also holds the distinction of being the first representative from District 5 to serve as Mayor. His dedication and commitment to our city are truly inspiring.”

District 2 Councilman
Don McBurnett and son Paul McBurnett, photo courtesy City of Duncanville

“Mayor Contreras, it is my honor to serve alongside you as the At-Large Councilmember. I have every confidence that you will engage not only the Council but all stakeholders in your decision-making process, working tirelessly to bridge gaps between the Council, the city, and our constituents. Together, we will continue to make Duncanville a shining example of unity, diversity, and excellence.”

“Duncanville, I present to you our very first Latino Mayor, a leader who embodies the spirit and resilience of our community.

“Thank you, and let’s continue to celebrate and support the vibrant, diverse community that makes Duncanville the City of Champions!,” she concluded.

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