Duncanville Artists Invited to Paint Gateway Wall Mural

Gateway wall mural
Duncanville Design Studio's Anne and Tim Perry

Paint The Gateway Wall Mural

Duncanville artists are invited to help Duncanville Design Studio and the City of Duncanville paint a gateway wall mural. The mural will be located at the intersection of Cockrell Hill and Danieldale in Duncanville.

Mural painting is this weekend, Oct. 12 and 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. Residents of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. The mural will be an easy “paint by number” project, so anyone who is interested can participate and help beautify the area. The project was designed to provide more public art that resonates with its neighborhood.

Duncanville Design Studio Artists

Duncanville Design Studio’s artists like Tim and Anne Perry will assist artists with paint colors and technique plus answer any questions. All art supplies and paint will be provided. Artists are asked to wear appropriate clothes for a painting project. Participants are also reminded to bring sun protection. Water will be provided.

The traffic lane next to the retaining wall will be blocked off during the hours of the project. Participants are encouraged to park along the nearby neighborhood streets. Parking is also available across the street at H. Louis Nichols Park. Please be sure to avoid blocking driveways or impeding the flow of traffic.

While many different retaining walls were considered for the wall mural, this wall was selected because it is located on the corner of a community gateway. Duncanville Design Studio worked with local artists, Duncanville ISD teachers, and Duncanville City Council to design the mural. The musal will feature nature scenes, family scenes, and kids playing a variety of sports. It will showcase how Duncanville is The City of Champions.

Mural Project Phases

The mural project has three phases, with the first phase—painting the wall with a white primer base—already completed. Artists will paint an outline of the mural on the retaining wall during the second phase. This prepares the wall for the community to paint a portion of the project.

The third and final phase is this weekend, an involves community members participating in one of the city’s first public art projects.

For more information, contact Economic Development Director Jessica James at 972-780-4997 or jjames@duncanville.com.