DeSoto Voluntary Gun Surrender Program July 31

Mayor Proctor and Police Chief Costa
Photo courtesy City of DeSoto

DeSoto Citizens Surrendering A Gun Will Be Given $100 Gift Card

Huge Success-Read about the event at DeSoto’s Gun Surrender Program Takes In Over 250 Weapons

DESOTO – At a recent press conference held by the DeSoto Police Department after a fatal shooting, DeSoto Police Chief Joe Costa said he was working with the City of DeSoto on a gun buyback program to help reduce violence.

That program is now a reality.

At the time, Costa said many guns used to commit crimes come from thefts.

“Eventually guns can fall into the wrong hands and be used illegally,” Costa explained.

With gun violence on the rise across the country and in the DFW area, the DeSoto Voluntary Gun Surrender Program couldn’t come at a better time.

The Voluntary Gun Surrender Program will be held on July 31 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. DeSoto Fire Station #2 206 S. Parks Dr. DeSoto, TX 75115.

In exchange for each firearm surrendered, the citizen will be given a $100 gift card. No questions will be asked and no ID is required.

DeSoto Gun Surrender Is Anonymous & Secure

“We are excited about this opportunity for our citizens to safely discard unwanted firearms and ammunition in an anonymous and secure way,” said Chief Costa. “We appreciate the support of John Creuzot, Dallas County Criminal District Attorney, our Police Chaplain Pastor Epps, and Community Missionary Baptist Church in our efforts to help reduce gun violence in our City and the region.”

Guns can get into the wrong hands on occasion because of incidents such as people leaving their cars unlocked. Many times thieves discover guns, purses and credit cards among other items.

While Texas is a state where many residents do carry guns, there are also instances when a person passes away and the family isn’t sure what to do with the weapon. While they don’t wish to keep them, they are unsure what to do with the firearm. Desoto’s Voluntary Gun Surrender Program is the perfect way to get rid of a gun safely and without incident.

How To Participate

Desoto gun surrender poster


Desoto’s gun surrender program is an initiative hosted by the DeSoto Police Department along with the City of DeSoto, Community Missionary Baptist Church and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

If you or anyone you know wants to participate in this program, gather your guns and ammunition and place the unloaded firearm in your vehicle in the trunk, in a box in the bed of your truck, in the rear seat of your vehicle or behind the seat according to a Facebook post by the DeSoto Police Department.

The Police Department also reminds participants to remove all ammunition from the gun and place it in the box or a separate box or bag.

You can also ask a DeSoto Police officer to retrieve your gun if you live in DeSoto.

If you aren’t sure if the gun is loaded or unloaded and do not know how to verify, ask for help and notify the officer you are working with immediately.