DeSoto ISD School Board Special Meeting June 8 To Review Revised Compensation Plan

DeSoto ISD special board meeting flyer

During the May 23, 2022 DeSoto ISD Regular Monthly Board Meeting, administrators discussed the development of a plan that would more competitively compensation district teachers.

As a result, district administrators will present an enhanced, revised compensation plan for consideration to the Board of Trustees at a special called meeting slated to begin at 6:30 pm on June 8 that details a starting salary of $58,500 for first-year teachers and includes a $6,500 raise for teachers at every salary step.

“Educators deserve competitive compensation,” former district Interim Superintendent Dr. Larry Lewis said at the May 23 Board meeting. “As an administration, we have the opportunity to ensure we provide competitive compensation for the professionals who so diligently serve students and families in our school community with commitment and excellence. We want to design a compensation plan that is reflective of their quality and caliber while also creating a plan that attracts high-performing educational talent to guide us into the future greatness of the district.”

New DeSoto ISD Superintendent Dr. Usamah Rodgers said a more aggressive compensation plan is a step in the right direction to ensure the district is positioned to attract and retain high-quality, certified teachers who can continue to drive student achievement.

“The increased starting salary places us at the top of the compensation scale in comparison to neighboring school districts,” Dr. Rodgers said. “Working to ensure that every teacher in our system will receive a $6,500 salary increase was imperative in setting the tone for the district’s emphasis on high-quality teaching and instruction. Whereas most compensation plans are focusing on the recruitment aspect of hiring, this plan allows us to be responsive to our more experienced educators who have the training, skills, and experience to advance and improve the quality of learning in our district.”

The district hopes to release a complete and finalized compensation plan following the Board’s review and consideration during the June 8 special called meeting.