DeSoto House Fire Under Investigation, 2 Children Dead

ladder in front of house
Photo courtesy DeSoto Police Department

Task Force Investigating early Morning DeSoto Fire

According to the DeSoto Fire Department, dispatch received a call around 4:33 am this morning of a reported structure fire in the 100 Block of Wildwood Court. Firs responders were on the scene within five minutes, and found the house completely engulfed in flames.

Fire Chief Jerry Duffield says, “residents that had escaped from the home notified DeSoto firefighters there were two children inside the home on the second floor. DeSoto fire went into rescue mode and within sixteen minutes they had the children out of the home. Approximately twenty two minutes from the time of the call the children were in an ambulance in route to the hospital.” Sadly, the children ages 1 and 2, were pronounced deceased at the hospital.


DeSoto home crime scene
Photo courtesy DeSoto Police Department

Duffield described the fire as “very intense, and a very difficult fire to work.” Police Officers that arrived on the scene before the fire department, attempted entry, but the fire was so hot they couldn’t go in.

There’s a Task Force led by the Texas Fire Marshal’s Office conducting an investigation. The investigation will determine why the fire happened, the cause of the fire that led to the fatalities.

Chief Duffield says their sympathy goes out to the family and to the community on their loss. “Anytime we lose children, its a loss for everybody,” the Chief said.

According to the Chief the house was occupied by ten residents (four adults, six children), nine of those were in the home when the fire started. They currently believe the fire started at the rear of the home in the kitchen area and spread into the attic.

DeSoto Police Department Corporal Pete Schulte mentioned the house had a history of pretty serious domestic violence calls, however at this time nothing suggested the fire was a result of criminal conduct.

Schulte did say Child Protective Services was notified about Tuesday’s fire, which is standard in this type of investigation.

DeSoto Police SUV
Photo courtesy DeSoto Police Department

Cedar Hill Assisted DeSoto Fire

“I want to be clear, nothing in our investigation right now is saying anything about whether there’s any criminal misconduct or just an accident in this particular fire,” Schulte said. “But if we don’t find the facts now, we won’t be able to give justice if that’s deserved, whether civil or criminal to this 1-year-old and 2-year-old.”

Representative Sherman said, “My prayers go out to the family in DeSoto this morning who lost their home and members of their family in the early morning hours.

I would like to commend the DeSoto Fire Department and Police Department for their efforts in carrying the two children from the burning structure and transporting them to the hospital where they were later pronounced deceased.

The Cedar Hill Fire Department also assisted the City of DeSoto this morning and I appreciate the efforts of these two cities working together.”