Coconut Cartel Launches its First White Rum: Coconut Cartel Blanco

Cocount cartel rum bottles

MIAMI, FL  – Embodying the spirit of Latin America and crafted with passion and innovation, Coconut Cartel proudly announces the launch of their newest creation: Coconut Cartel Blanco. Capturing the essence of the Dominican Republic’s finest sugarcane and locally harvested coconuts, Coconut Cartel stands apart as the only brand to use fresh coconut water in the process of proofing rum, resulting in a distinctive and refreshing flavor profile. This extraordinary blend, meticulously curated by sibling-duo Dani and Mike Zig, is poised to disrupt the white rum category with authenticity and innovation.

Coconut Cartel’s dedication to excellence and creativity shines through in every sip of this remarkable white rum blend made of a base of 100 percent estate grown sugarcane juice, with no added sugar or flavoring. Rooted in the rich tradition of Latin rum-making, Coconut Cartel’s craftsmen carefully blend unaged pot still rum sourced from the distillery’s own sugarcane farms in the Dominican Republic, with one-year-old column still rum aged in American White oak ex-bourbon barrels. Far from a flavored coconut rum, Coconut Cartel Blanco’s blend is skillfully cut to proof with fresh coconut water sourced from locally harvested Brazilian Green Dwarf coconuts, achieving a rich and interesting balance of flavors and a smooth, approachable profile.

“I’m captivated by the diverse and intricate nature of artisanal pot still white rums, particularly cane spirits like Mexican Charanda, Brazilian Cachaca and Rhum Agricole. This fascination inspired us to craft our own white rum blend, aimed at acquainting enthusiasts and curious consumers with the array of funky flavor profiles in a delightful and accessible manner,” reveals Dani Zig, Co-Founder of Coconut Cartel. “At the heart of our bespoke creation lies our unique coconut water proofing method, a vital component to ensuring our blend’s unrivaled smoothness and approachability. Leveraging coconut water’s rich mineral and salt content, we mitigate any harsh bitterness or “burn” typical of high proof rums, while enhancing the vibrant flavor nuances exclusive to these high-ester spirits. The outcome? A white rum that retains its bold character while delivering an exceptionally smooth and gratifying drinking experience.”

Coconut Cartel Blanco boasts complex aromas of fresh cane, white pepper, and tropical fruits like unripe banana and dried pineapple while delivering a distinct minerality on the palate that leads to a clean and crisp finish. With a proof of 92 (46 percent ABV), Coconut Cartel Blanco is perfect as the foundation for tropical cocktails, such as the classic Daiquiri comprised of rum, lime and sugar, the ultimate white rum serve. Rum drinking professionals will enjoy Coconut Cartel Blanco neat as well. Recipes can be found on the website.

In 2018, Coconut Cartel introduced its first spirit, Coconut Cartel Special Añejo, a premium aged Guatemalan rum cut to proof with fresh coconut water. Inspired by the growing popularity of coconut water and their cultural ties to rum-producing regions, Dani and Mike envisioned reshaping rum’s perception, akin to the transformation witnessed in the tequila industry. The name “Coconut Cartel” reflects their bold approach, stemming from their early days ‘smuggling’ coconuts from the coastline of El Salvador to the hottest hotels and restaurants in Miami Beach. Guided by a commitment to provenance and an unconventional approach to blending and branding, Coconut Cartel embodies the Zigs’ relentless hustle and determination to push boundaries.

At $28.99 per bottle, consumers aged 21+ may purchase Coconut Cartel Blanco online or at select retailers across the United States. For more information on Coconut Cartel and their latest white rum blend, please visit:

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