Case Z-1512-23

The City of DeSoto Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a Public Hearing to consider zoning change from Commercial-1 (C-1) to Planned Development with base zoning district of C-1 with deviations to allow for mini-warehouse and truck rental on the undeveloped southern portion (1321 S. I-35E) of U-Haul properties. The U-Haul properties consists of approximately 6.33 acres of land legally described as Tracts 11 and Tract 12, Block A, James Porter Survey, Abstract No. 1129 page 395 and Lots 9RR and 9RR.1, Block A, Meadow Acres/U-Haul Addition. The applicant is Julia Bates with Kimley-Horn and the properties have multiple owners. The public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission will be conducted on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. If the zoning case is recommended for approval, by the Planning Commission; or if denied and appealed, the hearing before the City Council will be held on Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.

Asunto Z-1512-23
La Comisión de Planificación y Zonificación de la Ciudad de DeSoto llevará a cabo una Audiencia Pública para considerar el cambio de zonificación de Comercial-1 (C-1) a Desarrollo Planificado con el distrito de zonificación base de C-1 con desviaciones para permitir el alquiler de minialmacenes y camiones en la parte sur no desarrollada (1321 S. I-35E) de las propiedades de U-Haul. Las propiedades de U-Haul consisten en aproximadamente 6.33 acres de tierra descrita legalmente como Tractos 11 y Tractos 12, Bloque A, James Porter Survey, Resumen No. 1129 página 395 y Lotes 9RR y 9RR.1, Bloque A, Meadow Acres/U-Haul Addition. La solicitante es Julia Bates con Kimley-Horn y las propiedades tienen varios propietarios. La audiencia pública ante la Comisión de Planificación y Zonificación se llevará a cabo el martes 12 de diciembre de 2023 a las 7:00 p.m. Si el caso de zonificación es recomendado para su aprobación, por la Comisión de Planificación; o si se deniega y se apela, la audiencia ante el Concejo Municipal se llevará a cabo el martes 2 de enero de 2024 a las 7:00 p.m.

For meeting information please go to the City website ( to view the agenda. If you have any questions regarding this case, contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (972) 230-9622.The building in which the above meeting will be conducted is wheelchair accessible; spaces for the mobility impaired are available. Any request for sign interpretative services must be made forty-eight hours prior to the time of the meeting.

Arrangements for sign interpretative services may be made by calling the City Secretary at 972/230-9646 or by calling TDD-1-800-RELAYTX (1-800-735-2989).

To be a valid written protest the protest or petition in opposition must be filed with the Planning Department before 4:00 P.M of the working day immediately preceding the date in which the Planning and Zoning Commission or City Council will hear this case.