Children’s Aquarium Dallas At State Fair of Texas

Photo courtesy Children's Aquarium Dallas

DALLAS — Looking for the best activities and adventures for kids at the State Fair of Texas 2022? The Children’s Aquarium Dallas brings animals from the oceans and rivers of the world to families visiting Fair Park along with plenty of hands-on, hands-wet animal adventures.

The historic Aquarium has been reimagined for the future and has garnered more than a thousand five-star reviews since its reopening exactly one year ago.

Plenty of new activities are ready for the State Fair of Texas in 2022. Features at the Children’s Aquarium Dallas include:

See Shark Cove — Guests can see six different species of sharks up close in the new Shark Cove and throughout the Aquarium, including Black Tip, Brown, Bamboo, Bonnethead, Zebra and glow-in-the-dark Swell Sharks.

Pet & Feed the Stingrays — Friendly Stingrays are ready to be touched and fed inside Stingray Bay. The Children’s Aquarium Dallas is the only place in the metroplex where you can pet Stingrays.

Meet Athena the Octopus — Say hello to the Aquarium’s new Giant Pacific Octopus (GPO). Athena is a young GPO who is intelligent and active. These smart sea creatures need plenty of enrichment activities, so guests will see her play with puzzles and search for her food.


Enjoy the Invertebrate Touch Tank — This new habitat is where kids can interact with sea stars, urchins and other saltwater dwellers.

Consult the Doctor Fish — These tiny fish like to nibble on skin cells, leaving guests with soft, smooth-feeling hands after their “manicure.”

Assist the Archer Fish — Visitors can help these spitting fish get their next meal by holding a bait pole over the habitat.

Axolotls Are Amazing — The Aquarium’s adorable Axolotls have had babies that guests can see in their habitat. These Pokemon-like amphibians are rare and found only in one lake near Mexico City.


There’s almost as much fun outside the Aquarium as inside. Here’s what’s on the Aquarium’s Plaza during the State Fair of Texas:

Mining Sluice — Pan for real gems and fossils at the Children’s Aquarium Mining Company sluice.  Water rushes through the sluice while guests reveal treasures by sifting through dirt in mesh racks.

Corn Maze — An inflatable Corn Maze will turn kids into a non-scary version of the Children of the Corn as they try to find their way through the twists and turns.


Pianos on the Plaza — Kids who love music will enjoy playing their own tunes on the real Pianos and other musical instruments located on the Aquarium sidewalks during the Fair.

VIP Lounge — Children’s Aquarium Dallas members now have a special place to get away during the Fair. The Aquarium’s Annex building has been set aside for their use with clean restrooms, air conditioning, seating, free wi-fi and other exclusive amenities.  Members just show their card at the door for admission.


The historic Aquarium reopened exactly one year ago on the opening day of the State Fair of Texas 2021. In the year since, the attraction has more than doubled its average revenue, allowing operator zoOceanarium Group to add more activities and new animals for guest education and enjoyment.

“Our goal is to bring joy to the kids and families of Dallas,” said zoOceanarium Group president and CEO Chris Davis. “In addition to enhancing the Aquarium’s animal exhibits and adding high-tech and hands-on elements, we have been able to sponsor several thousand visits for children from the area’s Title 1 schools.”

The Aquarium originally opened in 1936 as part of the Texas Centennial and was closed early in the COVID pandemic. zoOceanarium Group was selected to reimagine and reopen the beloved Aquarium, which was accomplished in time for the State Fair of Texas in 2021.


The Children’s Aquarium will accept State Fair of Texas coupons for admission (or regular cash or credit card payments). Admission is free for kids ages two and under, 10 coupon for kids ages 3 to 12 and 14 coupons for anyone 13 and older.

Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the State Fair of Texas; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the rest of the year.

Follow the Aquarium on social media @childrensaquarium. Visit the website for more information or advance tickets at

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