Check Your Fridge For New Product Recalls Linked To Listeria Outbreak

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Public health officials are expanding this week’s listeria recall to include products from H-E-B, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and other retailers. Salad kits, salad dressings, and meal kits are among the new items listed.

If you have any of the recalled food items, throw them away. Thoroughly clean all surfaces the food may have touched. If you ate these products and have symptoms of a listeria infection, contact your health care provider immediately

Update Feb. 9: The public health investigation has led to the recall of additional food items that contained dairy products connected to the Listeria outbreak. These new recalls include sauces, salad dressings, meal kits and other items sold at H-E-B, Walmart, Trader Joe’s and other stores in Texas. See a list on the FDA website.

Update Feb 6: Public health officials are warning people not to eat cheese and yogurt products subject to a recent recall by Rizo-López Foods. Listeria infections linked to the products have caused at least 26 reported illnesses including two deaths in the U.S. There have been two cases and one death in Texas.

The recalled products include yogurt, queso fresco, cotija, Oaxaca and other cheeses sold under a variety of brand names including Tio Francisco, Don Francisco, Rizo Bros, Rio Grande and 365 by Whole Foods Market. A complete list of products recalled is available in a Food and Drug Administration outbreak notice.

Listeria is a bacterium that can cause serious infection, especially during pregnancy and in people over 65 or with a weakened immune system. When contracted during pregnancy, it can cause premature birth, miscarriage and life-threatening infection in the baby. Common symptoms are fever, muscle aches and tiredness, and Listeria can also cause headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance and seizures.

People should throw away the recalled products and thoroughly clean all refrigerators, containers and surfaces they may have touched. Call a healthcare provider right away if you ate the recalled products and have any symptoms.

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