Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month In Paducah

female bartended pouring drink
Photo courtesy Barrel & Bond

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, which means it is time for bourbon lovers to head to Paducah, KY where bourbon is more than a drink, it’s a way of life. Okay, so yeah we looked it up and it’s about a nine hour road trip from Dallas, but the drive is worth the rewards. Or, you can just book a flight, but then how will you bring back all of the bourbon you’re going to want to purchase?

Kentucky produces 95 percent of the world’s bourbon and drew in 1.7 million visitors to distilleries in 2019. Paducah offers its own bourbon tour, sharing the city’s personal history with America’s only native spirit.

For visitors heading to Paducah to celebrate, here are some activities and spots bourbon enthusiasts will love:

Take a Tour of Paducah’s Contributions to Bourbon

This new guided walking tour focuses on Paducah’s rich connections to the bourbon industry. Participants will learn the history of bourbon brands connected to Paducah, their founders, and the contributions of African Americans and Jewish and Italian immigrants who helped build Paducah’s bourbon industry.

Participants will walk in the footsteps of Isaac Wolfe Bernheim, Joseph Friedman, John Keiler, Leslie B. Samuels and Bill Samuels, whose iconic bourbon brands still dominate shelves today. The 0.7-mile low-intensity tour is 60 minutes, wheelchair accessible, and features nine stops along the scenic streets of Paducah’s downtown and riverfront.


Sample a Bottle from one of the Country’s Largest Selections of Bourbons

Any serious bourbon lover doesn’t want to miss a visit to Barrel & Bond, located in downtown Paducah. This historic spot features 1,600 Bourbons and American Whiskeys making it one of the largest selections offered not only in Kentucky, but the United States! Barrel & Bond was founded to ensure that visitors can experience what the good people of Kentucky have experienced for the last 250+ years: great bourbon and great food. If planning a trip, I’d make sure to visit Barrel & Bond multiple times to try several of their whiskeys.

Where Barrel & Bond separates itself from everyone else is that they believe this experience should extend beyond the glass. Truly experiencing a glass of bourbon is all great, but at Barrel & Bond that glass of pure Kentucky Liquid Gold gazing back at you is only enhanced by the fellowship you surround yourself with while drinking it.


Buy a Glass or Bottle of Paducah-made Bourbon

Silent Brigade Distillery was born from a passion to create the smoothest traditionally crafted spirits by using only the best local grains and ingredients which results in a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. Silent Brigade designed and built their copper pot stills to achieve the best hand-crafted bourbon. Their passion for historic craftsmanship and uncompromising quality led them to create what they believe will be the finest spirits on the market. After stopping in for a tasting, guests often find themselves in for a night of fun as Silent Brigade frequently offers live music, open-mic nights and trivia nights.