Cedar Hill Resident Travis Canady Transitions from Music to Novels

Cedar Hill resident Travis Canady
Travis Canady courtesy photo

Cedar Hill resident Travis Canady found success as a rapper, songwriter, and actor before turning his hand to writing, where he also achieved great success with his first novel, “Augustine.” Canady’s first major record deal was in 2012 with faith-based label Tate Music Group. He released three albums on the label, finding National Airplay Chart success for the song, “Save Me.” The song reached number 12 on the National Airplay Top 50 Christian/Gospel Chart, and number 23 on the Top 50 Pop Chart.

In late 2016, Canady began work on his first novel, “Augustine,” .completing the writing project a few months later. In 2018 he landed his first publishing deal with LitFire Publishing, and “Augustine” went on to sell over 250,000 copies worldwide.

Versatile Entertainer Travis Canady

In 2019, Canady launched his film production company, “Standalone Films,”’ and began an acting career. He has starred in four films, and in three theater plays at the historic Palace Theater in Marlin, TX. In 2020, Travis “Traevis” Canady returned to music, releasing the single, “Delilah,” which gained immense success. “Delilah” won the Seraphim Music Award for Best Christian/Gospel Song, and he also won the Best Christian/Gospel Artist for that year at the awards show. The song “Delilah”, also won The Akademia Award for Favorite Christian Song.

For over a decade Travis “Traevis” Canady has entertained thousands of fans in music, movies, books, and theater plays, winning multiple awards, achievements, and honors.
Canady said, “Although there have been a few setbacks and detours along the journey of entertainment, my relentless motivation and drive to succeed at all costs have helped make me a more disciplined performer.”

Augustine Plot Synopsis

Cedar Hill resident author of Augustine
Augustine book cover courtesy photo

Press information about his novel says the author “intricately weaves the tale of Augustine, a teenager of mixed heritage, whose existence is shrouded in the shadows of slavery. Born to Esther, a slave, and Seth Parish, an overseer and heir to the Parish estate, Augustine’s life takes a treacherous turn as Seth’s sinister intentions unravel. Seth’s nefarious plot to eliminate both Augustine and her mother tragically succeeds only in claiming the life of Esther.”

”However, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerges as Augustine finds solace in the embrace of Seth’s parents, who lovingly raise her as their own. Time passes, and our protagonist spends 15 years serving in the army, gaining invaluable experiences that shape her character. Eventually, Seth musters the courage to return to his roots, confronting the haunting ghosts of his past.”

“As Augustine stands on the cusp of her sixteenth birthday, she remains unaware of her true origins, yearning to uncover the secrets that shroud her existence. Determined to confront her tumultuous past, she embarks on a journey that will unearth the profound repercussions it has had on her family, forever altering their lives.”

“This compelling narrative delves into the depths of Augustine’s identity, drawing readers into a world fraught with tension, emotion, and self-discovery. It expertly examines the complexities of race, heritage, and the enduring legacy of slavery. Through Augustine’s quest for truth, the book explores themes of resilience, belonging, and the power of confronting one’s past.”

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