Cedar Hill ISD Education Foundation Presents Seven Grants Worth $29,000

people holding cardboard check

(CEDAR HILL, TEXAS) The Cedar Hill Independent School District Education Foundation (CHEF) presented seven grants worth a total of $29,000 last month.

“CHEF was honored to be able to fulfill important needs for various departments and programs in the district,” CHEF Executive Director Denise Root said.

The largest of the seven grants was an $11,000 Grant to the Cedar Hill High School Culinary Arts Kitchen. With the help of Texas Trust Gives Foundation, CHEF was able to exceed Culinary Chef Kathy Boyd’s request of $9,850 for a refresh on the kitchen.

“We are really thankful for this financial resource,” Boyd said. “With growing enrollment numbers and limited quantities of equipment (or damaged equipment), this grant will help us enrich our Culinary scholars’ experiences. It shows our scholars that their community recognizes their needs and supports us in attaining our goals.”

Boyd said the grant will help the culinary program purchase digital scales, digital food thermometers, new kitchen aid stand mixers with attachments, a portable four-well hot food serving station and more.

The second largest grant was $10,000, and it went to the Plummer Elementary School Library.

“With the average cost of a library bound book currently being over $20, this $10,000 Grant will allow us to purchase approximately 500 new books,” Plummer Librarian Denise Wessels said. “This project will update Plummer Elementary’s library collection. The average copyright date of books in the collection, as of August, was 2001. In order to be ranked ‘proficient’, the average copyright date should be no more than 14 years. If a scholar learns to love reading, they can accomplish anything they want to achieve.”

Collegiate Prep Elementary earned a $5,500 grant for a Math Learning Center.

“The club will prepare scholars to participate in academic challenges, encouraging healthy competition and teamwork,” Briana Johnson of Collegiate Prep said. “There will also be cross-camps collaboration, offering the opportunity for scholars from other campuses to participate, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing.”

Cedar Hill High School’s Foreign Language Department received a $1,000 grant for standing desks.

“This grant will provide standing desks with flexible seating for scholars who benefit academically from movement, and to support scholars with a physical handicap,” said Kendra Burch of CHHS.

The Cedar Hill High School Red Army Marching Band received a $995 grant for lung trainers, which are designed to teach scholars how to move air through their instruments.

The STRIVE Shift 18+ Special Education Scholars received an $815.98 donation for a refrigerator. These are adult scholars with special needs, and SPED works with them to grow their independence and employability skills.

Collegiate Academy Middle School received a $548.86 grant for a Math Learning Center, which will help with STAAR preparation.