Art Unveiling For Two New Traffic Signal Boxes in Duncanville

Traffic signal box
Mayor Barry Gordon with Artist Anne Freeman

A number of local artists, city officials, civic leaders and interested community members attended the art unveiling of two more traffic signal boxes July 31. The first, at the corner of Freeman and Wheatland Roads, was designed by local artist Anne Perry. Her artwork celebrates the inclusive Duncanville Community. The second unveiling representing Duncanville History was by artist Tim Perry, for the traffic signal box at the corner of Main Street and Wheatland Roads.

These unveilings represented the third and fourth signal box art design projects on Duncanville Streets. The first two boxes were both designed by Duncanville resident Jose Perales. The first box is located at Santa Fe Trail and E. Center Street. The artwork has a patriotic theme, and honors those who have served in the military.

The second box is located at Main and E. Davis Streets, and pays homage to Duncanville’s history along the railroad. Artwork includes imagery of a locomotive, the Duncanville Feed Store and Duncan Switch.

Mayor Barry Gordon with Artist Tim Perry

“The 2017 Comprehensive Plan put forth the initiative to make art a larger part of our community, and from that plan the Traffic Signal Box Art Contest was born,” said Mayor Barry Gordon. “Local artists have done an excellent job celebrating our community through various themes, and these two boxes feature art honoring Duncanville’s inclusive community and our history.”

Art Project Supported By Duncanville Design Studio

The art project was supported by the Duncanville Design Studio and the City of Duncanville. Artists submitted their proposals based on community-centric items. The final designs were selected by Duncanville City Council.

Art unveiling
Artist Jose Perales

The Duncanville Design Studio, a group of about 20 local business people, city leaders, and interested residents, meet monthly at Inner Space Gallery, 100 S. Main Street. They brainstorm ideas for low-cost, small-scale projects to enhance the community. Under the direction of Tim and Anne Perry, local artists installed art panels on Duncanville Feed Store on Main Street. They also designed a panel to highlight Main Street in earlier days.

Duncanville Parks Superintendent Timothy Hamilton said the City of Duncanville accepted design submissions in four categories: City of Champions; History of Duncanville; Duncanville Military History, and An Inclusive Duncanville.

In a previous interview with Focus Daily News, Hamilton said, “This art contest gives Duncanville residents the opportunity to brighten their own community’s streetscapes, instill community pride, and receive recognition for their talents. Keep America Beautiful research also shows that people are less likely to litter in a beautiful, clean community. All of this is a positive outcome for Duncanville.”