Aiper Launches Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aiper robotic cleaner
Photo courtesy Aiper

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ATLANTA, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aiper, the global creator of innovative, cordless robotic pool cleaners, today introduces the next generation Seagull Series suite of products, starting with the new Seagull SE. Designed for pool owners looking to not only “feel the change” of a cleaner pool, but also in their everyday routine with an easy and convenient pool cleaning solution. The Seagull SE features upgraded capabilities like longer-lasting clean time, shorter charging time, and larger surface cleaning capacity so pool owners can spend more time actually enjoying their pools instead of cleaning them.

Aiper Seagull SE Features

It’s hard to enjoy a pool party or a relaxing day poolside if the water is dirty. The Seagull SE can clean flat-floored, above- or in-ground pools and is equipped with upgraded technology including a run time of 90 minutes, which is perfect for cleaning pools up 850 square feet. Its sleek, hydrodynamic design allows it to glide over a pool floor’s surface with less water resistance, thus increasing its power conservation and limiting the amount of time pool owners have to deal with sand, dirt, leaves, or any other fun-spoiling debris.

Additional features include an efficient battery charging time of approximately 2.5 hours, dual drive motors, and bottom scrubbers for effective, deeper cleaning as well as convenient self-parking capabilities, LED indicators to easily check on the battery life status, and a nylon holding tray for dirt, grime, and other particles that users can simply rinse out and use again thus eliminating the need of re-purchasing replacement bags or baskets like other models require. The Seagull SE is also optimized with a lithium battery that makes the product an eco-friendly alternative to other forms of robotic pool cleaners.

“The Seagull SE is just the first of what will become a new series of hero products that represent Aiper’s next generation of innovative, cordless, robotic pool cleaners,” said Richard Wang, CEO and Founder of Aiper Global. “We put technology at the forefront when designing this product, and whole-heartedly believe the Seagull SE will pave a new path for pool cleaning technology – and the products we plan to unveil alongside it next.”

Starting on November 1, Seagull SE will be available for $249.99 online at and, and via specialty retailers in the US. Additional products in the Seagull Series line will be announced in 2023.

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About Aiper

Aiper is the leading global creator of eco-friendly, cordless robotic pool cleaners on a mission to create simple, smart cleaning solutions. After doing a deep dive into the pain points of traditional pool cleaners – and the overall hassle of keeping a pool clean – the company embarked on a path to merge smart technology with innovative solutions to create the world’s most easy-to-use robotic pool cleaner. Unlike other products on the market, each Aiper product is guaranteed to minimize the time and money spent laboring, and more time enjoying quality time with friends, family by the pool. Through that, Aiper has earned its place as the world’s best cordless robotic pool cleaner since its launch in 2017.