A Dr. Pepper Shortage Isn’t Welcome In Texas

Dr. Pepper Mural in Waxahachie
Dr. Pepper Mural in Waxahachie Photo by Kristin Barclay

Texans Love Dr. Pepper

In Texas, Dr. Pepper is considered a “staple” to some residents young and old. The oldest of the major brands soft drink in America, Dr. Pepper is a native Texan. In downtown Waxahachie there’s a Dr. Pepper mural, down the road in Waco you’ll find the Dr. Pepper museum, and Whataburger introduced a Dr. Pepper shake to their menu last year.

Texans love their Dr. Pepper almost as much as they love their barbecue. And it’s more than just a beverage, for some it’s a key ingredient in their barbecue sauce, brisket marinade or brownie recipe. So, the news of a possible Dr. Pepper shortage is more alarming than running out of paper towels.


Of course life will go on even when there’s only one lonely can on Dr. Pepper left in the fridge, but let’s face it, for Texans Dr. Pepper is like a blankie. Right now when traditions and events are being canceled, vacations are staycations, and the kids are home, we look to our favorites for comfort.

Aluminum Can Shortage

The bigger picture: if there’s an aluminum can shortage other beverages and products will also be impacted. Local breweries are already suffering due to restaurant and bar shutdowns, and not being able to can their beer could be the devastating blow.

Factories are working hard to ramp up production of aluminum cans, but that takes time. New factories being built aren’t expected to open and be operation for at least 12 months. Some companies are reducing the production of their less popular beverages to save cans for the best sellers.