Trinity Church Hosts Miracle Crusade, Sept. 3

Trinity Church To Host Miracle Crusade, Sept. 3
Pastor Jakob Barrientos

Miracle Crusade At Trinity Church Welcomes All

CEDAR HILL—Trinity Church in Cedar Hill announced its first miracle crusade will take place on Saturday, September 3rd at the Jesse Owens Athletic Complex in Dallas.

Trinity Church, Eddie James Ministries, Christ for the Nations Institute and many other participating ministries will gather to pray for the city of Dallas, the nation and for one another. The Miracle Crusade opens with prayer and worship sets at 3 p.m. followed by personal prayer for healing, hope, joy and much more at 7 p.m.

“Jesus Encounter meetings are directed at seeing individuals experience and encounter God in a powerful way,” said Jakob Barrientos, evangelist and pastor at Trinity Church. “These meetings will have worship and preaching elements, but the express purpose is to create an atmosphere where individuals don’t simply hear words and songs about God, but actually experience Him in a life transforming way.”

Considering some of the tragedies that have struck Dallas in recent weeks, the eyes of the nation are on the city of Dallas. This is an opportunity for the church to release peace, healing, hope and good news in a time of need.

Previous Jesus Encounter meetings have seen hundreds gather from all different denominations, races and backgrounds. Participants testify of God’s tangible presence, healing miracles and hope.

The Jesse Owens Athletic Complex (located at Polk Street and I-20) seats approximately 7,500 individuals. The church plans to fill every seat, and admission is free.

Bring your family, your church, fellow believers and even those who aren’t sure about Jesus or Christianity. All are welcome!

Trinity Church has been a presence in Cedar Hill for 40 years. Senior Pastors Jim and Becky Hennesy have served as senior pastors for over 20 years at Trinity Church.