Texas Republicans and Democrats Respond to Roe vs Wade Decision

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Democratic Chair Chris Turner Responds to SCOTUS Decision

(TEXAS) – Today, the Supreme Court of the United States released its 6-3 decision to overturn the landmark case Roe v. Wade. Due to Texas’ “trigger ban,” this decision effectively outlaws abortion in the state.

Texas HDC Chair Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie) issued the following statement in response:

“Today is a dark day for our country and our state. It is appalling that the Supreme Court would strip a liberty granted to American women for half a century. Further, as a result of the cruel actions taken by Governor Greg Abbott and Republicans in the Legislature in passing a ‘trigger ban’ last year, abortion will be completely illegal in Texas in 30 days. This horrific reality takes Texas back in time to a world where women will be forced into impossible situations – either let Republicans in Austin make their reproductive decisions for them or consider dangerous measures. Texas women deserve so much better.

“While this decision is undoubtedly a devastating step backwards, we must recommit to fighting for a woman’s autonomy over her own health decisions – that means electing leaders who are not determined to take away their constituents’ healthcare and defeating those who do.”

The Texas House Democratic Caucus, which is composed of all Democrats in the Texas House, serves as the group’s membership services and logistical arm, and works to support House Democrats with communications, policy, and legal resources. Chaired by Rep. Chris Turner (D – Grand Prairie), the Caucus is focused on fighting for real solutions for all Texans.

Texas Republican Party Party Lauds Roe Decision

The United States Supreme Court issued their final opinion today in Dobbs v. Jackson, which reversed Roe v Wade and Casey v Planned Parenthood and will allow the voters of each state to decide whether to give legal protection to their unborn children. The Texas Legislature has already passed HB1280, commonly known as the trigger bill, which will outlaw all abortion in Texas in 30 days.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi said, “Today is a historic day which Republicans and Pro-Life advocates have waited for a generation. It will be remembered in history as the day the United States of America reversed one of the most unjust, damaging and plainly incorrect judicial decisions in it’s history. Thankfully, the left’s egregious attack on our government institutions failed, and justice was done. We also are grateful for the work of Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, Sen. Angela Paxton, and the Republican and Democrat legislators who passed the law which will now protect the lives of all unborn children in Texas.

“The Republican Party of Texas continues to support facilitating adoptions and providing assistance to mothers in need both during and after their pregnancies. During the 87th Texas Legislature funding was greatly increased for the Alternatives to Abortion program, which received a total of $100 million for the biennium. This program gives mothers access to needed resources during and after their pregnancy. The program assists new mothers and their children by providing items like diapers, formula, car seats, and classes on pregnancy and parenting. Additionally, private nonprofit crisis pregnancy centers like Birth Choice in Dallas, the Trotter House in Austin, and Houston Pregnancy Help Center in Houston provide services to assist mothers both during and after pregnancy.”

Rep. Van Duyne Responds

Today, Rep. Van Duyne released a statement following the historic Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

“Roe v. Wade was an unconstitutional decision in 1973 and today’s ruling has finally put right a decision that has cost the lives of millions. This is a momentous step for the rights of the unborn and the sanctity of life. It has been the goal of our party to send this decision back to the states where it belongs, and I look forward to a rightful return to federalism, a constitutionally loyal Supreme Court, and am grateful for every life saved as a result.”

Beto O’Rourke Responds

Beto O’Rourke released the following statement today in response to the Supreme Court’s dangerous decision to roll back reproductive rights after Governor Greg Abbott signed an extreme trigger law that will now ban abortion at any point in Texas:


“The only way to overcome today’s decision is to win this race for governor.


“The Supreme Court has sent this back to the states, and our state’s current governor has outlawed abortion beginning at conception with no exception for rape or incest.


“If you care about protecting a woman’s freedom to make her own decisions about her own body, health care, and future, join this campaign and help us win.”

Rep. Slaton Issues Statement On The Overturning of Roe

State Representative Bryan Slaton released the following statement:


“Today, prayers have been answered, and I commend the Supreme Court for standing strong to affirm the sanctity of human life. For decades we have fought and prayed for this day.


But now our fight to protect life is even more demanding here in Texas. As we reflect on the significance of this moment, we must pledge to never forget or repeat the evil that was allowed to fester in this country for nearly 50 years. For millions of innocent children, the light of life and liberty was extinguished, their futures erased, as they were killed in the womb. In this evil, our country has been complicit.


No more. The Supreme Court has given us an opportunity, and Texas must lead. No more excuses, no waiting. Now the trigger bill we passed last session will take effect, but we cannot stop at pre-Roe laws. We must also completely and utterly abolish abortion in Texas. We must do so in a way that upholds and honors the 14th Amendment, and truly applies the equal protection of the laws to all people. I look forward to re-introducing the bill to abolish abortion next session, and I invite every member in the Texas Legislature to join me.”