TEA Releases Results for 2024 STAAR 3-8 Assessments


AUSTIN, Texas – June 14, 2024 —The Texas Education Agency (TEA) today released the spring 2024 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) results for students in Grades 3-8. The results include assessments in mathematics and reading-language arts (RLA) in grades 3-8, 5th and 8th grade science and 8th grade social studies.

Alongside the statewide release, individual student STAAR report cards are also available for parents across Texas. By visiting their school district’s family portal or TexasAssessment.gov using the unique access code provided by their child’s school, parents can access their child’s STAAR 3-8 results. This includes insights into each question their child was asked, how their child answered each question on the test and specific recommendations to support their child’s academic growth.

This year’s results show that reading-language arts proficiency for students varied across grades. While some grades demonstrated improvement, others saw slight declines. Grades 3, 5 and 8 experienced a decrease, each dropping by 2%. The percentage of students meeting grade level in Grades 4 and 6 rose by three and four percentage points, respectively. The percentage of students who scored on grade level in social studies held steady, mirroring results from 2023.

The 2024 results show declining mathematics and science performance across all tested grade levels. The decrease in math proficiency is indicative of the significant challenges that persist for students in this subject area following the COVID-19 pandemic. Student performance in math has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels, making it clear that recovery will require a sustained effort to improve student outcomes.

“Results from the 2024 STAAR 3-8 assessments reveal the significant gaps in mathematics achievement across our schools. While we continue to see progress in other areas – which is a testament to the dedication and skill of our Texas educators – it’s clear that math performance is not where students need it to be for success after graduation,” said Texas Education Commissioner, Mike Morath. “Pandemic-induced disruptions to learning exacerbated students’ difficulties in mastering fundamental math concepts. As a result, we must keep our foot on the gas to intensify efforts in providing targeted interventions and research-based education strategies to ensure that students obtain necessary foundational skills and concepts and achieve the desired academic outcomes not only in math but across all subject areas.”

2024 STAAR 3-8 Results

3-8 RLA Results

3-8 Math Results

3-8 Science and Social Studies

To Learn More

A more detailed, statewide summary of 2024 STAAR 3-8 results is available on TEA’s website.

Parents and families are encouraged to log in to their school district’s family portal or TexasAssessment.gov to view their child’s individual STAAR 3-8 results. STAAR assessments are a valuable tool in evaluating how students are performing in Texas classrooms with on-grade-level instructional materials. The detailed STAAR report card provides parents with easy-to-understand information, including each STAAR question and answer, and their child’s response. STAAR results can help parents know how well their child learned this year’s academic material and whether their child is on track for success in future grades and after graduation.

TX Assessment Portal

STAAR aggregate level data by state, region, district, or campus is available to view and download on the Texas Assessment Research Portal.

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