SUV Plows through a Marching Band During Holiday Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Darrel Brooks Jr. Photo courtesy Wisconsin Department of Justice.

The first major tragedy of the holiday season occurred Sunday evening when an SUV plowed through a marching band in the middle of a Christmas parade. Witnesses were horrified as the vehicle ran over members of the band. Those injured were brought to six different area hospitals for treatment. Witnesses said the vehicle kept going, speeding away after the incident. The Police Chief and Fire Chief were not commenting other than that one officer fired at the vehicle in an attempt to get it to stop. At the time of this posting, 4:06 am, 5 are dead and over 40 have been injured.

39 year old Darrell E Brooks Jr is being questioned about the incident. Mr. Brooks of Milwaukee has a criminal history dating back to 1999 that includes numerous violent felonies according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Doctor Michael Gutzeit, Chief Medical Officer at Children’s Hospital gave an update on the condition of those injured on Monday morning. He said events such as this are things that the doctors and the hospital prepares for. 18 children were brought to the hospital Sunday evening. Gutzeit commended other hospitals and ambulance personnel who stabilized patients to every degree possible before bringing them to pediatric specialists at Children’s Wisconsin.

Dr. Amy Dremdel, Medical Director, Emergency Department then spoke at the news conference. She said the first patient was transported to them at 5:30 pm on Monday. The ages of the children brought to the hospital emergency room ranged from three to sixteen. Injuries ranged from abrasions to broken bones to serious head injuries. Six were sent to the operating room last night and two more are undergoing surgeries today.

Dr. Michael Meyer said there are currently six patients intensive care in critical condition, three that are in serious condition and one that is in fair condition. There are eight other patients that are not in intensive care and are in other units in the hospital. A unique situation is that there are three sets of siblings currently in the hospital. Mental health support has been activated for families and staff.

A mental health help line has been activated for support. It is 404-266-6500. It will be answered beginning at noon today central standard time.

Many roads and city offices in Waukesha will be closed today. Waukesha canceled classes in schools today Monday, according to the school district, and will determine if classes will resume on Tuesday. “The District will have additional counselors available during the school day at all buildings for all students that may be in need of support services,” school officials said in a statement.

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