SBOE Evaluates Instructional Materials Review and Approval Process and Approves Library Collection Development Standards

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AUSTIN, Texas – December 18, 2023 – The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) considered the new criteria for the review and adoption of instructional materials for use in Texas classrooms and approved library collection development standards during a special called meeting on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.

The board reviewed several items related to the implementation of House Bill (HB) 1605 (88R). The board is working with the Texas Education Agency to develop the Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA) process that is required by HB 1605. The SBOE voted on the first reading of the proposed rules for the IMRA process and authorized filing in the Texas Registrar.

The rules will establish publisher responsibilities for the submission of instructional materials for review, the process for annual requests of instructional materials to review, the contract term for instructional materials, and parent portal requirements.

The board also discussed the compilation of public and stakeholder feedback on the quality rubrics for IMRA. Hundreds of responses have been collected from stakeholders, including educators and the general public. This valuable feedback will be factored into updated rubrics from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that will be presented to SBOE for approval.

In addition, members approved the initial draft of the IMRA suitability rubric. This rubric outlines the criteria to be used in the IMRA process that considers Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) coverage, product quality, suitability, and the appropriateness of instructional materials for students under HB 1605. The board also signed off on the process and procedures for IMRA.

In non-HB 1605 business, the board approved recommendations from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) to consider the final adoption of standards for school library collection development. Action was required by the board Wednesday following the passage of House Bill (HB) 900 during the regular session of the 88th Texas Legislature.

HB 900 amended Texas Education Code (TEC) §33.021 to require TSLAC, with initial approval by SBOE, to adopt standards for school library collection development for Texas public school systems. TSLAC is expected to adopt the standards for school library collection development no later than January 1, 2024.

The SBOE will reconvene January 30 – February 2, 2024.