Residents and businessowners encourage Lancaster City Council to bring back events to Town Square

The Lovin' Oven storefront
Photo credit City of Lancaster

LANCASTER –Residents and business owners spoke at Lancaster’s City Council meeting, encouraging the council to bring back events to the city’s historic Town Square.

One resident reminisced that she remembered the events on the square, which have always been part of the location’s energy.

It had been previously mentioned that business owners were worried about losing business on the square due to events. Another speaker said this was not the case; it was the opposite.

The overall rejuvenation of the square has been ongoing, and residents agreed that more affordable events held on the square are wanted sooner rather than later.

Several residents who did not speak also encouraged no fees for the downtown events, and another suggested a reasonable fee for vendors wishing to participate.

All consent agenda items passed unanimously including the minutes from the Regular Meeting held on April 22, 2024, a project participation agreement between the City of Lancaster and the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) Aviation Division for a Lancaster Regional Airport Master Plan Update, the approval of a bid to Komatsu Architects for architectural and design services of Fire Station Four in the amount of $992,000 and a resolution amending an Article relating to the Emergency Water System Situations for the city’s Water Conservation and Drought Contingency and Emergency Response Plan.

A fifth consent agenda item was pulled for discussion and passed unanimously after questions and answers. The item regarding the amending of the Lancaster Code of Ordinance regarding animals and the definition of a dangerous and vicious animal. The change reflected decreasing the number of impoundments before requiring spaying and neutering for animals who were picked up by animal control. The amendment reflects the change in that a second time an animal is picked up it must be spayed or neutered.

A Public Hearing applicant was denied a Specific Use Permit at Minor Auto Repair, 1452 N. I-35E.

Staff recommended the denial of this request due to the owners’ violations and non-compliance. The shop is currently not open for business, but the applicant’s attorney said the violations had been corrected.

A resolution passed to accept two water easements of 507-square-feet from Lancaster Data Center Campus, LP to the City of Lancaster for the installation, construction, operation, maintenance, replacement, repair, upgrade and/or removal of a water meter vault.

An item passed unanimously to authorize the publication of a Notice of Intent to issue Certificates of Obligation for the design, acquisition, construction and improvement of a public infrastructure in the city. The amount for the bond totals $17 million,

It was pointed out after a presentation by the city’s financial advisor, Hilltop Securities the city has recently had an increase in its city ratings.

Staff also said the amount of the Certificates of Obligation will not impact the city’s tax rate.

A resolution passed amending the terms and conditions of a Hotel Occupancy Tax Loan Agreement between the City of Lancaster and Ellen Clark who is a Texas sole proprietor. This item was related to the renovation and use of the Lancaster Theater as a performance venue, the project was approved for completion, but an extension was requested and granted due to delays to January 1, 2025.

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