Profile: Midlothian Place 5 City Council Member Justin Coffman   

Justin Coffman
Photo courtesy City of Midlothian

Focus Daily News: What elected official seat do you sit in?

Justin Coffman: I sit on Midlothian City Council Place 5.


FDN: How long have you sat in this seat?

JC: I was elected in May of 2018.


FDN: What is your main goal as a city council member during this term?

JC: To properly represent the will of the people to city leadership and to effectively communicate the city’s governmental processes and direction back to its citizenry.

FDN: What made you decide to get into politics?

JC: I do not feel that I am “into politics.” I believe in active servant leadership, not politics.  Therefore, the desire to serve my hometown and community in a greater capacity is what drove me to seek this position.

FDN: What have been some of the surprises?

JC: The rate at which the city’s growth has taken place and the amount of critical decisions that are determined by the city’s leadership on a daily basis.


FDN: What have been your challenges?

JC: Obviously, navigating the pandemic has been the biggest challenge. Additionally, with rapid growth brings challenges.  The council is tasked with managing that growth strategically.


FDN: Where do you see the city going in the next few years and how will you contribute to that?

JC: Despite unprecedented growth and challenges, Midlothian will continue to be a safe, secure and happy town that is rooted in the neighborly connections that have created this wonderful community.  My prayer is that my words, actions and voting record as a community leader will reflect my heart’s desire to keep Midlothian the amazing city that I believe it is.