Profile: Cedar Hill Place 3 Council Member Alan E. Sims

Alan E. Sims headshot
Photo courtesy City of Cedar Hill

Focus Daily News: What elected official seat do you sit in?

Alan Sims: Cedar Hill City Council Seat 3.


FDN: How long?

AS: Almost 3 years – since May 2019.

FDN: What is your main goal as a city council member during this term?

AS: My top priorities include:

  • Public Safety
  • Strong Neighborhoods
  • High Quality Economic Development
  • Educational Excellence
  • Preservation of Green Space


FDN: What made you decide to get into politics?

AS: I had the privilege of serving as City Manager of Cedar Hill for almost 15 years and was fortunate to work with a great mayor, city council and staff in bringing about the transformation of Cedar Hill from a small suburb to a first class premier city.  When I retired as City Manager I thought my involvement with Cedar Hill had been completed. However, when an internal voice spoke to me with such incredible clarity and said “Run For Council” it became clear to me that God was saying my work and involvement wasn’t done.


FDN: What have been some of the surprises?

AS: While not a surprise, I have been really excited about how quickly and firmly Mayor Stephen Mason has stepped into his mayoral leadership role in guiding this city. He had some big shoes to fill coming after Rob Franke who served as mayor for over 20 years, but Steve has done an excellent job!


FDN: What have been your challenges?

AS: The biggest challenge has been multitude of constraints the state legislature has placed on local governments. Restrictions on zoning, building materials and revenue caps have removed the ability of local governments to decide how to respond to the desires of our citizens.


FDN: Where do you see the city going in the next few years and how will you contribute to that?

AS: I see the future of Cedar Hill is extremely bright, and we are heading in the right direction toward fulfilling our vision of being a Premier City.  The proposed hospital and all the ancillary development connected to it is a game changer. In addition to the hospital, almost two million square feet of commercial development is under construction. Both of those projects will be the catalyst for the higher quality restaurants our citizens desire and provide the resources to maintain our strong public safety services and help us continue our focus of strengthening our neighborhoods.

My previous service as City Manager gives me an understanding of the importance of having strong leadership from elected officials as a prerequisite to success.  It is important for me to use that knowledge to work with the mayor and other members of the city council to continue the direction we are heading. The end result will be a PREMIER CITY!

Alan E. Sims City of Cedar Hill Official Bio

Alan E. Sims was elected to Cedar Hill City Council, Place 3 in May 2019. Prior to his election to the city council, Alan retired from the city management profession after 32 years, nearly 15 of which were spent serving as the City Manager of Cedar Hill. From 1986-2000, he held various management positions, including Deputy City Manager with the City of Overland Park, KS (suburb of Kansas City). He received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Public Administration from the University of Kansas, earning the latter in May 1988.

Alan currently serves on the University of Kansas College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Advisory Board, the Board of Trustees of Trinity Church and Christian School in Cedar Hill, and Transformation Vision Board of Directors. He was also appointed by the State Supreme Court of Texas as a Public Member of the State Bar of Texas. In the past, Alan has served on the Board of Directors of the North Texas Tollway Authority and Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce. He served as a Regional Director for the Texas City Management Association (TCMA) and President of the North Texas City Management Association (NTCMA).

The Cedar Hill City Council bestowed the honor of renaming its recreation center the “Alan E. Sims” Recreation Center. TCMA and the Kansas University City Managers and Trainees (KUCIMATS) presented Alan with their “Lifetime Achievement Awards.” Additionally Northwood University conveyed to him an Honorary Doctorate degree.

Alan has been married to his “girlfriend” Gayle for 46 years and have 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren.