North Shore Dominates First Half Passing Game, 29-20

Photo by Juliana Chavez/Duncanville High School

ARLINGTON—The first quarter was eventful as promised. At the half Galena Park North Shore lead in the 6A State Championship game 29-20.

In the blink of an eye tonight’s game was off to a combustive start.

The staunch Galena Park North Shore defense forced a fumble on Duncanville’s first possession. Recovered by Defensive End Ashton Reynolds for a ten yard jaunt into the endzone. Extra Point wass good. Ten seconds into the game NS draws first blood. (7-0)

After the kickoff return, Duncanville returned to the scene of the crime in an effort to answer North Shore and dispel any naysayers. The hand off to Trysten Smith was stopped at the line of scrimmage for no gain. Next a pass attempt is broken up in the backfield and the Panthers were noticeably deflected after a season of shutting down teams by an average of 30 points.

Photo by Juliana Chavez/Duncanville High School

Back In The Game

A 35 yard quarterback keeper by Ja’Quindon Jackson to the North Shore 45 yard line reinvigorates the Panthers offense. Five possessions later Victor Escalona kicks the 16 yard field goal to bring the score 7-3.

North Shore offense retakes the field but after being stopped at their own 38 yard line they punt.

At this point the Panthers go to work. Duncanville recovers the ball at the 18 yard line. Hand off to Tristan Smith who gains 2 yards.

Another quarterback keeper to the NS 23 brings the Panthers back into the redzone. A handoff puts RB Trysten Smith in the end zone and brings Duncanville into the lead 10-7.

The first 8 minutes of the second quarter were relatively quiet. With both teams scoreless in the with 7 minutes left in the quarter, dynamic plays by Ja’Quindon Jackson and Trysten Smith have placed the Panthers back in scoring position at the 19 yard line.

Can Jackson win this state title on sheer willpower alone?

Despite being counted out by some sports analysts the Duncanville Panthers are making a valiant effort to answer every score or break out run that the Galena Park North Shore Mustangs.

At the half the score is more than some teams gain in an entire game. At this pace the UIL 6A Division I Championship is set to be a shoot out.