Midlothian Police Department Reminds Residents Of Solicitor Permit Requirements

City of Midlothian Solicitor permit example
Several Midlothian residents have noticed what they are calling an increase in salespeople knocking on their doors. Specifically, many are complaining about the ‘pesky, persistent’ and often bold solar panel salespeople that knock on doors later in the evening and are reluctant to leave. With an uptick in complaints, Midlothian Police Department reminds residents all solicitors must have permits per City Ordinance 2023-03.
To ensure the safety and privacy of its residents, the City of Midlothian requires all those soliciting, distributing advertising material or handbills, or operating mobile food units in neighborhoods to have an official city-issued solicitor’s permit, like the example here. Approved solicitors are issued a photo identification card which must be worn visibly. This is per City Ordinance 2023-03.
If a solicitor comes to your door without a permit, or has a permit, but you have a “No-Soliciting” sign, or the solicitor does not leave when you ask, you are encouraged to contact the Midlothian Police Department’s non-emergency dispatch number at (972) 775-3333 or 9-1-1 and an officer will respond to assist.
Solicitor permits are NOT required for those distributing literature door to door for religious organizations, political speech or campaigning, charitable purposes with non-profit status, civic groups, local school fundraisers, Boy or Girl Scout fundraising or sales, or where there is a regular business, trade, service or other contractual relationship with the occupant of the residence.

For more information and permit application, visit https://www.midlothian.tx.us/…/Solicitor-Permit…

Now, might be a good time to dust off those “No Soliciting” signs and make sure they are visible to anyone looking to ring your doorbell on knock on your door…unless of course they’re peddling delicious girl scout cookies, and well then most of would make an exception.