Midlothian Police Chief Discusses Unsolved Missy Bevers Homicide

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MIDLOTHIAN – Midlothian Police Chief Carl Smith said he will “never forget getting the word that patrol had been called to Creekside Church of Christ on a report of a non-responsive person.” As we know, it sadly turned out to be the late Missy Bevers.

On April 18, 2016, Bevers was the victim of a homicide apparently committed by a person who had been recorded on the church video system while walking through the facility dressed as a police officer in “SWAT” gear.

In fact, the chilling video footage from the church described in an earlier article written by Focus Daily News’ Rick Mauch described the suspect as “A person carrying what appears to be a hammer while opening and closing various rooms around the building. At one point, they broke open a door with the hammer. The person’s clothing included a helmet, gloves, and shin guards. They also wore a vest emblazoned with the word police.”

Chief Smith said that looking back over the eight years since that day in April, he is committed to solving this case before retiring.

It has also drawn endless national and international attention to the small but growing community of Midlothian, Texas.

Smith said indeed, “The incident has definitely captured local, regional, and national attention.”

It also launched one of, if not the most intense, investigative efforts of his career.

With the initial media attention on the case, several local and federal agencies lent assistance with staff, equipment, and technology to aid in the investigation.

“In the early months of the case, the investigative team received numerous leads and information about potential persons of interest,” Smith explained. “Our staff followed each lead to its fullest extent, using all the means and exploring multiple avenues of investigation.”

During the past eight years, the Midlothian PD investigative staff has also fielded hundreds of additional tips and leads. Smith said many of these “tips,” while good intentioned, lack the information that would make it possible to investigate.

“When we receive a lead with tangible information, we can compare it to our existing data and look for any potential link to the Bevers’ case,” he said, explaining the continued investigative work being done.

The department has also employed a part-time investigator who is a former federal investigator with expertise in internet-related investigative techniques. He focuses his efforts on this investigation 20 hours a week. As a team, the case is also discussed weekly during the Investigative Division’s weekly staff meeting.

In total, the Midlothian Police Department has received more than 3,000 tips and continues to receive tips from all over the world.

Rewinding back to April 22, 2016, then Assistant Chief Johnson shared with the Midlothian community that the Police Department was committed to tracking down the individual responsible for the death of Missy Bevers.

“Since that day, our investigative staff and supervision team have carried that pledge forward,” Smith said. “In the past eight years, MPD has continually investigated and consistently re-evaluated this case. Many of our command and investigative staff are lateral officers with decades of investigative experience. Personnel changes have brought fresh sets of eyes, perspectives, and experience to this investigation.”

Smith also addressed the rumors that have plagued the case in the community. He said that throughout the initial investigation and in the months and years to follow, speculation and rumors circulated about the investigative efforts and potential persons of interest.

While rumors continue circulating, he said he is aware that it has been frustrating for some who would like more details on the Bevers investigation.

However, details in such an investigation can be walking a fine line.

“Due to the extremely sensitive nature of our investigative efforts, our staff will not compromise the eight-year investigation by engaging in discussion on our current efforts,” Smith said.

However, as Chief Johnson pledged eight years ago, Midlothian PD assures the public it will not stop reviewing the data in its possession, investigating new leads, or researching new technologies to identify and bring the person(s) responsible for this tragedy to justice.

“Our department’s effort to identify the individual(s) responsible for the tragic murder of Missy Bevers and ensuring justice for Missy, her grieving family and the Midlothian Community stand as one of my highest priorities,” Smith said. “It is my prayer that our efforts will one day bring solace and closure to everyone who has been affected by this heartbreaking loss.”


Podcasters Keeping The Case Buzz Alive: True Crime Broads

Alongside Chief Smith and the Midlothian Police Department, two women who knew Bevers also work almost daily to keep the case alive and in the public’s eye.

Renae Rodden and Crystal Lawson keep the dialogue going in the community. They hold regular meetings and began the “True Crime Broads” podcast in February 2020, which has been heard around the world.

Rodden, who met Bevers in 2013 through work, said, “Crystal and I are keeping this case alive because we want to be sure the case is talked about in the community and people continually have it on their minds. A lot of people do not know it has not been solved, and we want to make sure it is not forgotten.”

Rodden said she believes the more people talk about the case, the more tips will come in to solve it.

Each year, the True Crime Broads also remember Bevers on the anniversary of her death. Last year they planted a tree, this year will be a candlelight vigil.

The vigil will take place at Kimmel Park in Midlothian at 7 p.m. on April 18.

“A time to come together to assure everyone the case is still alive,” Rodden added.

Chief Smith said too, “Annually, at the Tree of Angels, we grieve with the family, our community, and the original investigative staff who poured out tremendous efforts to bring justice to Missy’s family.”

“Through the passage of time and the changes in personnel, I have continually emphasized the importance of the investigation’s closure,” Smith concludes. “Our entire investigative staff and members of our department are all familiar with and committed to the ongoing efforts to find the individual responsible for Missy Bevers’ death, and we applaud local efforts to keep Missy’s memory alive and to rally support for continued investigative efforts.”

Submit Tips To Ellis County Crime Stoppers

Please remember that tips called in to Ellis County Crime Stoppers Call 972-937-PAYS (7297) are reported to Midlothian anonymously. If a tipster wishes to speak with an investigator, they can either call our non-emergency number and/or visit our website at www.midlothian.tx.us and go to the police page.  Under our Crime Prevention Programs, there is an active link to the Crime Stoppers website and contact information. Additionally, the Investigative supervisor’s contact information is also available.

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