Midlothian Mural Artist Benjamin Vyers Aims for the Stars with World’s Largest Single Artist Mural

Midlothian mural with artist
Benjamin Vyers in front of the Welcome to Midlothian mural he painted. He is working on creating the world's largest mural by a single artist.

No one can ever accuse Benjamin Vyers of thinking small.

Or even medium.

Vyers calls his artwork Monster Splash Art and it can be seen throughout North Texas, is currently working on what he said will be the world’s largest single artist mural.

According to World Record Academy, the current record is a 50,000 foot mural on the side of a grain silo in Wichita, Kansas. It dwarfs the previous record of 38,701 feet, which was in Spain.

And now Vyers, age 45, wants to make the one in Kansas pale in comparison to his, which is 75,000 feet built into a maze the size of a football field.

“The size is to beat the current record and put a substantial number for the next great artist to beat,” he said.

Vyers is building his mural in Rice, just off Interstate 45. He is originally from Ennis, but his artwork covers many parts of North and East Texas. These include a Welcome to Midlothian wall mural and others in Ennis and many more places, along with private work in towns such as Waxahachie, Corsicana and more. He has also sold his art in several states.

The mural maze, when finished, will feature a maze containing 16 themed rooms designed to tell a story. Vyers said the plan is to also inspire creativity among others and there will be thousands of photo opportunities within.

An Artist From A Young Age

Vyers has been an artist almost his entire life. He sold pencil art in school and took his first commission when he was 14. He built a business out of window painting for over 20 years.
He said he loves all mediums, from claymation to Marconi art, but he makes his living with paint. He uses oils and outdoor latex mostly.

And he’s been preparing for this project for years, he said. He even built a small off-grid cabin to live in on the site while he works on his mural.

Vyers comes from a creative and artistic family, he said, but he is the street artist and painter.

“My family is creative, but all in there own ways. They have all mastered some art form or another,” he said. “They dabble but I paint for a living. I also have many cousins who are artist and creative souls.”

Vyers said his first memories of art were Salvador Dali and the Melting Clocks.

“I was blown away by the crazy of it,” he said. “I also love Vincent van Gogh, the Starry Night.

“The creator of ‘Mad’ magazine, and many others I have re-created into my world record – many artists – influenced me over the years. I did this in a effort to show I am a world class artists who can paint any style.”

As for the personal favorites among his work?

He said that is a tough choice.

“The Midlothian mural has my heart in it,” he said. “But I’ve done many master works for private clients that will never be seen by the public that I also poured my heart and sole into.

“The wall mural inside Sandwich Junction in Ennis has trains, which I just love how it turned out. The under the sea murals on Senor Crab in Ennis are fun master works in which I painted a favorite subject of mine, sunken ships.
“But I’ve done thousands of works of art over the years and have fond memories of many of them.”

Vyers is seeking sponsorship help with his world record mural maze. He has a sponsorship packages that include shirts, on-site signage and being worked into his artwork in the form of a caricature. He’s also offering caricatures of people worked into the maze for folks to find. Folks who want to sponsor a panel, section or even a complete room will get a plaque with their name on it.

“When this is complete it will be a learning experience as well as being a fun interactive experience to inspire art to all who enter my gates,” he said.

Anyone interested can contact him at splashmonsterart@gmail.com, or on his
Monster Splash Art page on Facebook, or just call him at 972-674-6483.

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