Midlothian City Council Recap June 11, 2024

beam signing Midlothian Police Department

MIDLOTHIAN – The one-hour Midlothian City Council meeting Tuesday night saw all items pass except for one public hearing item, which was tabled to return on June 25.

Midlothian’s Concert in the Park was a massive success this past weekend, with around 2000 people attending. The concert, funded by the 4B Board and Parks Department, featured the King George Band. Mayor Coffman said, “It was a fantastic event and I’m so glad that the community came out to enjoy it.”

The mayor also mentioned that the first beam was placed for the city’s Public Safety Center earlier that morning.

“We are excited about the Public Safety Center that will be coming online next spring,” Coffman added. “Good things ahead.”

Consent agenda items passed 7 – 0, including items 2024-192, to approve the minutes from the City Council meeting of May 28, 2024.

Item 2024-193, which was a resolution authorizing a grant from the Midlothian Community Development Corporation to the Midlothian Downtown Business Association for $40,900.00 to fund a “Heritage Day” community event on October 12, 2024 passed and item 2024-194 for a resolution to authorize the American Legion Post 388 Annual Cookout, hosted by the American Legion Post 388 for Saturday, June 29, 2024.

There were six public hearings with 2024-195 passing 7 – 0 granting a Specific Use Permit (SUP) for a “secondary dwelling” at 1809 Sunbeam Ct, zoned Agricultural on ±4.75 acres. The request was to add a secondary dwelling with the same septic as the primary home along with a change to the zoning for the secondary dwelling to be of a higher height and more square footage than the primary home.

2024-196 was to consider an ordinance amended on the regulations of Planned Development District No. 15 to remove restrictions on a property separated into two portions. One property was located northwest of Walnut Grove Road and Shiloh Road intersection and the other property was west of Joe Wilson Road and south of Azalea Way.

Public hearing 2024-197 passed 7 – 0 for a SUP Permit for a “secondary dwelling” at 3651 Shiloh Road in Ashford Prairie Estates on ±1.701 acres. The property is zoned Planned Development District No. 15 and the applicant wanted to add another home on the property with a separate septic system.

Public hearing items 2024-198 and 2024-199 were voted on simultaneously for Specific Use Permits for two restaurants at Shops on Main, 661 Aspen Parkway, for square footage over 1,000 square feet. Blue Mint Thai restaurant will be 1,690 square feet, and ABC Boba Tea will be passed for the requested 1,344 square feet.

The final public hearing was tabled until June 25. The item was to amend regulations of Planned Development District No.146 by changing the use and development regulations in reference to the single family residential and non-residential ratio located between Highway 287 and Old Fort Worth Road.

The applicant requested an amendment to Phase 5 of the Westside Preserve Planned Development to decrease the Commercial acreage from 26 acres to 11.75 acres and increase the single-family residential lots from 193 to 232 lots (increased by 39 single-family lots). Phase 5 consists of 70.69 acres. This change was requested due to lots backing up to Highway 67 and a change in the TxDot exit ramp location.

Much conversation ensued, with Mayor Pro Tem Clark Wickliffe stating, “I feel like decreasing commercial and increasing residential along the highway breaks the spirit of what we were trying to do.”

The original motion was changed with a friendly amendment and discussion between Place 5 Councilmember Ross Weaver and Place 2 Councilmember Mike Rodgers, with Weaver stating, “I am not telling them what to do; I am telling them what I don’t want to see.” From that extended discussion, the item was tabled.

On the regular agenda, Mayor Coffman and Councilmember Place 3 Anna Hammonds stepped out for item 2024-201, which authorizes the Midlothian Community Development Corporation to award Manna House a grant of $92,585.00 for event costs and the purchase of pre-packaged school supplies for the Back to School Bash. The item passed 5 – 0.

Item 2024-202 passed with appointments to the Midlothian Development Authority, Park Board, Planning & Zoning Commission, Utility Advisory Board, and Midlothian Public Library Board. Place 6 Councilmember Hud Hartson requested each vote be separate, with the Midlothian Development Authority and the Park Board appointments passing 6 – 0 and one councilmember recusing; the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Utility Advisory Board appointments passing 7 – 0 and the Midlothian Public Library Board appointment passing 6 – 1 with Hartson voting no for the placement of Tammy Reno to that board.

Finally, the council passed 2024-203 in a 7 – 0 vote to authorize the City Manager to enter into agreements for furniture, fixtures, and equipment totaling $1,755,624.17 for the new Midlothian City Hall and Library.

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