Mechanic With Four Decades of Experience Joins Cedar Hill ISD

Mike Raidy working on vehicle
Photo courtesy Cedar Hill ISD

(CEDAR HILL, TEXAS) Mike Raidy has been working on buses since 1983.

The new Cedar Hill ISD mechanic is glad to be working for a school district for the first time. He started with the district on February 6.

“I previously worked on charter buses, and they have so many more components,” Raidy said.

Raidy is one of three mechanics in the CHISD Transportation Department, along with Shop Supervisor Quincy Wright and fellow mechanic Michael Turner.

“Mike is a good asset to the team,” Wright said. “He knows his way around buses, and he has a lot of wisdom.”

Raidy and CHISD Transportation Director Jonquez Moore worked together for a charter bus company in the Metroplex.

Raidy wanted the flexibility and benefits that a school district can offer.

“He jumped right in and got to work on February 6,” Moore said.

Raidy was born and raised in Central Texas, moving to the Metroplex in 1981 to work as a courier. He chose to become a mechanic, largely because of his experience working in a service station during his teenage years.

Raidy, who lives in Fort Worth with his wife, had opportunities to become a truck driver, but he chose to remain a mechanic because of his love for the profession.