Legacy High School Junior Stars in Hulu Series “Endlings”


Local Junior, Edison Grant, Stars in Hulu series “Endlings”

Mansfield- Hard work pays off, especially when you follow your passions. A Mansfield ISD high school student recently returned from Canada after catching his big break in film.

Edison Grant, a junior at Legacy High School, stars in the Hulu original series “Endlings.”

The theater student started acting around the age of 8. He has booked commercials and minor roles here and there, but said he was in disbelief when he landed one of the leading parts in the science fiction television show.

“I went through the whole process of doing the audition, getting called back, going through those different levels,” Grant explained. “Eventually they said, ‘Edison, we want you on our show.’ My mom just started jumping for joy.”

“Endlings” is about four foster children who come from rough backgrounds. A spaceship crashes on their property, and the children become drawn into the adventure of helping the alien in its mission to save endangered species.

“I play the character Johnny. He has a very kind heart, but his past kind of conflicts with that sometimes,” he said.

The series is filmed in Canada. Grant said his school and friends have been so encouraging while he was gone, and he’s happy to be back.

Mansfield ISD Has Been Supportive Of Grant’s Role

“MISD has been really cooperative with me and very supportive. Legacy High School—it’s my high school. I couldn’t see myself anywhere else,” he said.

Legacy High School’s theatre teacher Jeremy Ferman said he was excited to hear the news and thought Grant was very deserving of it.

“Edison has always been a great student, a fun actor to work with. He has a lot of fun doing the things we do in class,” said Ferman.

Grant noted that he’s grateful for the experience in Canada and has his eyes set on becoming a top-tier actor. Although he loves entertaining, he said he also wants to leave a lasting impact on his audience.

“I’m an actor at heart, but I want people to learn from the roles I play,” the 16-year-old explained. “That’s really my main goal.”

“Endlings” was released in the United States on Jan. 17, 2020. The show has already been renewed for a second season.