Grapevine Police Seek Public’s Help Identifying Drivers Involved In Dangerous Driving

street intersection with black car
Photo credit Grapevine Police Department

NYE Incident In Grapevine, Police Ask For Public’s Help

News Release – The Grapevine Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying several drivers who recklessly endangered the public on New Year’s Eve.

Just after 11pm on Saturday, December 31, 2022 Grapevine dispatcher received 9-1-1 calls about vehicles revving engines, squealing tires and driving dangerously in the intersection of Main Street and Dallas Road. Officers responded immediately to the area and activated police lights and sirens after seeing a black Chevrolet Camaro in the intersection and other vehicles blocking the intersection while several pedestrians stood in the intersection recording videos of the event.

One participant also ignited fireworks in the intersection which caught a section of grass on fire outside of the Chill Restaurant in Grapevine. The restaurant’s manager was able to extinguish the flames quickly. Nobody was hurt.

An officer did try to pursue the involved parties, but due to the large crowd and pedestrians, the drivers got away. Detectives are now investigating the vehicles believed to be involved, as well as any video footage or photographs from the crime.

A video shared on Nextdoor, depicting the very end of the crime as the officer returned to the scene following a traffic stop attempt, has already been analyzed, and more videos are now sought.

Anyone who has video or photo evidence related to the crime or information on the participants is asked to contact detectives during regular business hours at: 817.410.3200 or email tips anytime to:

The Grapevine Police Department is committed to the safety of our community and appreciates all who have come forward with information. Increased patrols along Main Street during the holiday season aided in the immediate response and disruption of the crime.