Glenn Heights Place 3 Special Election:Q&A With Travis Bruton

Travis Bruton headshot
Photo courtesy of Travis Bruton

Glenn Heights Special Election February 2

GLENN HEIGHTS – The Glenn Heights special election on February 2, 2021 has two candidates hoping to win the seat for Place 3. The open seat is to replace Jeremy Woods who moved out of the Dallas area leaving his council seat open.

Both Austin Kelley and Travis Bruton are hoping voters will vote in their direction come next month.

Early voting begins January 20 to January 29, 2021.

Focus Daily News: What changes are you looking forward to if you win the election for this city council seat?

Travis Bruton: If I win the election, there are several things I would like to see happen. First, I would like to get together with the fellow council members and establish one vision for the city and a strategic plan to go along with it. The city needs an updated short term and long-term strategic plan that aligns with the vision and then have the budget follow.

What did the citizens get out of this last budget that was passed? What amenities and services are the citizens getting? I have been an accountant for over 20 years and want to make sure the budget and finances of the city are reflected in what the citizen’s want and need. The citizens have major concerns about the infrastructure of the city, so I want to make sure that is addressed accordingly.

Another change I would like to address is the direction that the city is going with all the residential housing. The growth in Glenn Heights has been overwhelmingly residential and it is past time for the focus to be on doing what’s necessary to attract businesses to our city. The neighboring cities are flourishing, and I would like to incentivize businesses to come to Glenn Heights. With the expansion of Ovilla and soon the expansion of Bear Creek, the time is now to get things in motion.

One personal change that I would like to see happen is more engagement and communication between the citizens and city officials. There needs to be a continued push to get citizens involved and I believe the key is bringing the information to THEM rather than having them seek it out. I’m finding that our citizens are thirsty to know what’s going on and how it will affect them. The city and council need to turn on the faucet of information and allow information to flow freely. I will do my part to keep the city informed. I previously did this by starting a newsletter called “Truth with Travis” and distributed various information through my social platforms.


FDN: What will be the challenges to overcome in the new term?

TB: I believe one of the biggest challenges we will face is tackling the infrastructure needs of our city. Unfortunately, so many areas are in desperate need of updating such as roads, sidewalks, water, sewer, and parks. I will focus on rebuilding and repairs and get to work on the basic needs of our citizens to strengthen our city’s foundation. The citizens have been complaining about the water and sewer for as long as I lived here. We’ve got to be able to address that. I believe there are grants and other government programs that can help subsidy these things. We need to get to work and get after it.


FDN: With COVID still present how do you think the City is best served moving forward and is there anything else you believe should be implemented?

TB: The city will put itself in the best position when it is listening to the CDC and the scientist surrounding COVID. There are guidelines that have been published to keep people safe such as wearing masks and being socially distant. It is important to continue to provide the necessary PPE to not only the essential workers but to all of the staff that is working hard for our city.


FDN: Is there another City in the DFW area you feel is doing things well regarding COVID and learning and moving forward with the current pandemic?

TB: There were several cities in the DFW that decided to do the right thing such as cancel festivals and large events that would have aided in the spread of COVID. As much as my family and I enjoy concerts and festivals, it was the right thing to do. Moving forward every city will have to adjust and create a new normal.


FDN: What other boards have you served on in this city and/or other cities?

TB: Dallas Mayor’s Star Council, Red Oak ISD Superintendent Advisory Council, Leadership Southwest Board of Directors, 2018 Glenn Heights City Council


FDN: How long have you lived in this city?

TB: Seven years


FDN: Anything else you want to say?

TB: I am asking that this February 2nd, that you vote TRAVIS BRUTON. There is not a better candidate. The city will be Better with Bruton. It will be a great privilege to serve my community on the City Council. I look forward to being a community voice on the council that will represent our entire city, including our youth, our seniors, our diverse communities, and neighborhoods. I will do so by listening openly to the concerns of all our community members and responding accordingly with the goal of building a better Glenn Heights. I will also be hosting a Q&A, January 19th.