DFW Airport Experiences Bottleneck Due To COVID-19 Screenings


What happens during a “pandemic” at DFW Airport? Well, DFW was designated as 1 of 13 International airports approved to screen passengers arriving from Europe China, Iran and other areas impacted by COVID-19.

“While the overall risk of serious infection from the coronavirus to the general public remains low at this time, the Trump administration is taking these aggressive measures to keep the risk low, requiring all Americans returning from affected areas in Europe to be funneled through 13 airports for screening upon their return to the U.S.,” said Acting Secretary Wolf. “To minimize disruptions to travelers, TSA, CBP, and air carriers are working to identify qualifying passengers before their scheduled flights. These passengers will be rerouted to one of the 13 airports by their airline at no cost to them.”

Wolf continued: “I understand this new process will be disruptive to some travelers, however this action is needed to protect the general public from further exposure and spread of the coronavirus. Once back in the U.S. it is imperative that individuals honor self-quarantine directives to help protect their loved-ones and communities.”

Today airports like DFW Airport, Chicago O’Hare and others have experienced bottlenecks as travelers wait for screenings. There’s a mad rush of people returning from European travel or vacation, and it seems like the airports aren’t ready for the rush.

The general consensus, the government has created a disorganized mess.

If you had a personal experience at DFW airport tonight or this week and would like to share please email editor@focusdailynews.com

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