DeSoto’s Fire Chief Shares Tips For Preventing Grass Fires

Bryan Southard
Bryan Southard. Photo courtesy City of DeSoto

Extreme Dry Conditions With Extreme Temps Provide Increase of Fire Danger

With local fire departments literally feeling the heat from putting out grass fires across the DFW area, DeSoto’s Fire Chief recorded a video to remind residents of things they can do to help prevent a grass fire.

The City of DeSoto is running a short video on its social media platforms with DeSoto Fire Chief Bryan Southard sharing an important message about preventing grass fires in our area due to the extended drought.

His suggestions include:

  • Keeping lawns cut short and bushes trimmed back.
  • Safely disposing of yard waste so it doesn’t fuel a fire.
  • Be extremely careful when cooking outdoors.
  • Smokers should be careful when smoking outside or when discarding used smoking materials.
  • Any open flame or smoldering material such as a cigarette butt or charcoal ember is enough to start a grass fire.
  • Keep a water hose connected and ready in case a fire breaks out. This can help extinguish it or buy time until the Fire Department arrives.
  • If you should spot a grass fire, don’t assume that the Fire Department knows about it. Be safe and certain. Call 9-1-1 ASAP!

Chief Southard also wanted to remind residents that we won’t be in a drought forever and that by working together we can get through it safely.