DeSoto High School Sophomore Discovers Passion for Photography, Launches Kayden Productions

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Kayden Roberts

Sometimes, it just clicks what a person’s passion in life is.

As in, say, the click of a camera when it takes a photo.

That’s what happened with 15-year-old DeSoto High School sophomore Kayden Roberts.

And it wasn’t that long ago that he decided to take photos and even sell them.

“I’ve been a photographer since Dec. 23, 2023,” he said. “I was drawn to photography because I found enjoyment in expressing what was in front of me.

“My first time picking up a camera was quite exhilarating. There’s a sense of anticipation and curiosity about what the camera will capture. It felt like stepping into a new realm of creativity and expression.”

Kayden’s first photo was one of his aunt at the family’s annual Christmas party – which was held on Dec. 23. It was well-received, inspiring him to move forward.

It is through the eyes of a photographer – the camera lens – that anything in the world can be seen in its completeness. Be it the happiness of a child with a balloon, the thrill of an athlete winning a game, or the sadness of the final moments with a loved one, folks like Kayden capture them and make them timeless.

“It feels phenomenal capturing a great photo. When people positively react to a photo I captured, it feels great and encourages me to continue mastering my craft and never give up no matter what,” he said. “Also, it’s fulfilling to know that my work has resonated with someone and evoked emotions or memories for them.”

Kayden has even started his own photography company named, appropriately, Kayden Productions. His credo is specializing in capturing candid moments and telling stories through images.

lady standing on bridge
Photos courtesy of Kayden Productions
A photo of his grandmother.

“I started it because I have a passion for photography and a desire to freeze moments in time that people can cherish forever,” he said. “I believe in the power of visual storytelling and strive to create meaningful and memorable experiences for my clients.”

The website is still under development, but folks can still visit To see his work, click the portfolio button. Disclaimer: he is still adding photos to the portfolio, he said.

Kayden admits to being inspired by other photographers, just as he hopes to be an inspiration for others.

“I’ve been inspired by seeing beautiful photos taken by others, and I’m drawn to the idea of capturing moments and memories in a tangible way,” he said. “Looking at other photos can definitely play a role in convincing me to pick up a camera.

“Seeing the work of talented photographers sparked a desire to create something similar or to develop my own unique style. Looking at the work of others provided me with valuable inspiration and guidance for improving my skills.”

Kayden said his favorite photos to shoot are sports because he said the challenge of freezing action-packed scenes adds an element of excitement to the process.

DeSoto basketball player
A photo of his good friend, DeSoto sophomore basketball player Kayden Johnson.
Photo credit Kayden Productions

In fact, he is a school photographer for DeSoto High School, something he called extremely fun. And, as anyone who follows high school sports knows, they don’t come any more exciting.

The Eagles and Lady Eagles are great in numerous sports. The football team has back-to-back state championships, the girl’s basketball team has two state titles and a state runner-up finish in the past three seasons, and both track teams have been dominant for years.

In addition, he captures a wide range of other events, from academic competitions to performances and everyday moments on campus.

three DeSoto football players celebrating the Eagles' state championship at a parade, (from left) Jaylin “Hawk” Jones, Marvin Duffey Jr,  Nicholas Hamilton.
three DeSoto football players celebrating the Eagles’ state championship at a parade, (from left) Jaylin “Hawk” Jones, Marvin Duffey Jr, Nicholas Hamilton.
Photo credit Kayden Productions

“The diversity of subjects and activities keeps the job exciting and dynamic,” he said.
In giving credit to others, Kayden said humbly, “None of this would have been possible without the support from my mother, friends, family, DeSoto High School staff, DeSoto ISD Athletic Coordinator/high school Head Football Coach Claude Mathis, DeSoto ISD Athletic Secretary Marcy Cochran, DeSoto ISD Communications Director Tiffanie Blackmon-Jones and DeSoto High School Senior Principal Lori Mathis.”

Blackmon-Jones praised Kayden for being an eager and self-motivated artist.

“He reached out to my office seeking opportunities to photograph events and activities, and wanting to support young talent, we happily worked alongside others in the district to create those opportunities,” she said. “In DeSoto ISD, we understand that learning occurs in many forms, and the opportunity to create space for Kayden to develop a portfolio and learn by providing feedback, pairing him with contracted professionals, and posting his work is an opportunity to help a student realize a dream.

“These are the experiences we in DeSoto ISD aspire to create for every scholar.”
Kayden is the first in his family to become interested in photography as a profession. He plans to get the most out of it and is already planning his next step.

“I want to go college and study media, and further down the line, I want to make photography a career,” he said.

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