Dead Skunk In Midlothian Positive For Rabies

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Skunk In Longbranch Subdivision Positive For Rabies

The Texas Department of State Health Services notified the Midlothian Community Services-Animal Control Division on Thursday, May 20, 2021, that a skunk taken from a backyard of a residence in the Longbranch subdivision has tested positive for rabies.

On May 13, 2021, Animal Control was called to a residence in the 5800 block of Emily Ct. to respond to a dead animal. It was reported that a dog had killed a skunk. The skunk was sent off for rabies testing (to the state). The City of Midlothian was notified that the skunk tested positive for rabies. The dog that killed the skunk is currently in isolation.

Once infected, rabies is a virus that has a 100-percent fatality rate when left untreated in mammals, including humans.

As a reminder, Texas State law requires all cats and dogs older than four months of age to be current on rabies vaccinations.

Public health officials recommend the following precautions to protect everyone from exposure to rabies:

  • Report any wildlife that is sick or acting strangely.
  • Vaccinate pets and livestock.
  • Vaccinate livestock with frequent human contact.
  • Do not feed wildlife or stray animals and discourage them from seeking food near your home.
  • Do not approach an unknown animal, either wild or domestic.
  • Report all animal bites to animal services. Human rabies can be prevented with a series of shots.
  • Keep garbage cans tightly covered and avoid storing food outside.
  • Children should be instructed to tell an adult immediately if they were bitten or scratched by any animal.

To report loose animals or sick wildlife, please contact the police non-emergency number at 972-775-3333 or Community Services at 972-775-7614.