25 DHS Seniors Awarded Over $800K in Scholarships From TSU

Texas southern university scholarships
Photo provided by DeSoto ISD

Texas Southern University Awards Over $800K to DeSoto High Seniors

On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 25 DeSoto High School students were surprised to learn they are recipients of scholarships from Texas Southern University with a combined total of $206,000, or $824,000 over the next four years.

The university offers scholarships that fall into four categories: Regents, Presidents, Genesis I & Genesis II and range from $4,000 to $14,000. However, these students received awards in the top three categories. The scholarships are also renewable to the recipients on an annual basis as long as the students meet grade point average requirements.

“We’re providing these students with leadership opportunities to build their future,” said Teresa McKinney, the Vice President of Students Services at TSU. “It is a joy to serve these students and present them at DeSoto High School.”

Each of these DeSoto High Seniors have exceeded tremendously in either the SAT or ACT and have earned a GPA of greater than 3.0. “I am so proud of the hard work of these students and their parents to accomplish this goal,” said Radiah Dewberry, DHS Counselor. “As a counselor and an alum of DeSoto High School, it is so important that we bring these opportunities to our students so they can be successful.”

Hard Work Recognized

The presentation took place in the DHS Community Room. As the students entered the room, they were surprised by their parents, guardians and other champions of their success. It was then they learned they were being awarded this special honor. One student, Briana Jackson, said that earning this scholarship put a lot of things in perspective. “Earning this scholarship today allowed me to realize that anything is possible,” she said. “In college, I plan to major in Biochemistry so I can be an OBGYN and earning this scholarship will help obtain those goals.”

DHS Senior scholarship recipients
DHS Senior Cynthia Jones Photo courtesy of DeSoto ISD

These scholars have the opportunity to increase the amount of the award money should their GPA or standardized testing scores increase at any moment before graduation.

DHS Senior Jalen Jackson
DHS Senior Jalen Jackson Photo courtesy of DeSoto ISD
DHS Seniors
DHS Senior Briana Jackson Photo courtesy of DeSoto ISD

Congratulations to the entire cohort of students that received scholarships during this event.

List of recipients:
Kennedi Bonds
Wrenden Bowers
Devon Brookins
Keyana Brown
Nehusta Collins
Jaiden Cooper
Roderick Cooper
Chloe Daniels
D’Rhyia Dupree
D’Anna Gords
Bree’ajanai Holmes
Briana Jackson
Jalen Jackson
Triston Jackson
Cynnia Jones
Dylan McCullough
Amber McKnight
Raevyn McKnight
Christian Mills
Kayla Rowans
Koren Sneed
Tania Tucker
Trent Uzuegbunam
Ayanna Wafer
Rachel Weaver