2021 Whiskey Gift Guide, Favorite Whiskeys To Get and Gift

Eastside Burnside bourbon bottle
Photo courtesy Eastside Distilling

One of the great things about whiskey, you can find a great bottle at your local store for those last minute gifting needs. Another bonus, the recipient will often share a glass or two with the giver. But if you’re not a whiskey drinker, a walk down the aisle in the liquor store may feel intimidating. This is often the time of year when I get a call or text from a friend, standing in the store seeking advice on which whiskey is right for their holiday party, co-worker, or relative.


Still Austin Cask Strength Bourbon

bottle of whiskey with glass
Photo credit Still Austin

Impress your friends with a bottle of this cask strength bourbon from Still Austin. Last year Still Austin released their cask strength in a limited release and it sold out. The perfect end to an evening, enjoy a glass with friends by the fireplace as you savor the intense, complex bourbon with a bit of spice. I’m thinking a glass would be the perfect complement to a slice of pecan pie.

At 118 proof (59% ABV), the new Cask Strength Bourbon is a “deeper, darker, more robust version of its beloved 98.4 proof fruit-forward sibling (aka The Musician), offering a nose of brandied cherries with fresh muddled mint, old fashioned blackberry cobbler with biscuit crust, and cinnamon toast in brown butter,” according to Fraley. “The palate offers notes of grilled peaches drizzled with balsamic vinegar, butterscotch pecan pie, and dark brown sugar, followed by warming waves of rye spice, nutmeg, and clove.” For more about the Texas distillery check out stillaustin.com.

Great news, soon you’ll be able to ship bottles to friends across the US via the Still Austin website.

Noah’s Mill Small Batch – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Noahs Mill bottle

From the folks that know their bourbon, Willett Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, Noah’s Mill is rich, creamy, incredibly smooth and tastes great in a glass neat or served over a large ball of ice. Willett remains a family owned and operated distillery with a history as rich as the amber liquid they produce.

One of the most lush and rich Whiskeys on the market. The nose is walnuts, prunes, and floral notes. The palate mimics the nose with walnuts, prunes, spices, intertwined with lavender and balanced with the perfect amount of acid, that leads you down a path of lingering burnt caramel. Any bourbon drinker will appreciate the smooth caramel notes from Noah’s Mill, but savor it carefully, because it is a powerful 114.3 proof bourbon.

You can find Noah’s Mill at your local whiskey store or order online from The Bottle Haus. They have a great selection of spirits and many of our favorites like Eagle Rare, Angels Envy and Noah’s Mill.

Eastside Burnside Black Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey

Most bourbon drinkers have bottles in their bar from Tennessee and Kentucky, some have whiskeys from New York and Texas. But, do you have a bottle from Oregon? Eastside Burnside Black Barrel Strength Rye is a Bourbon Casked Double Barrel Rye which recently won gold at the New York International Spirits Competition. This unique rye whiskey makes a great gift for someone that loves trying new whiskeys.

This rye whiskey has a few special ingredients that make it stand out: pure Mt. Hood, Oregon water and the select Oregon white oak (Quercus Garryana) barrels its finished in.

From the distillery notes: Notes of green grass, wildflower honey, toasted hazelnut, leather, and honey caramel with a mellow tannic finish.

Burnside Black Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey ($69) can be found in OR, WA, CA, ID, MT, WY, CO, AZ, and TX. The link to purchase here: https://shop.eastsidedistilling.com/ with nationwide shipping.

Bladnoch Scotch Whisky

For the whisky drinker on your shopping list that prefers Scotch over Bourbon, check out the three new Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from Bladnoch recently released in the United States. My personal favorite was the 11 Year Old for its unique flavor profile.

The Vinaya is matured in a unique combination of ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks, never before released by the distillery. First-fill ex-Bourbon barrels highlight the floral notes from the distillery character along with refreshing, citrus sweetness. First-fill ex-Sherry casks then add a subtle rich body to the whisky and mouthfeel to the experience. Presented at 46.7% ABV, it has notes of fresh apple, sweet floral grass, and hints of chocolate. The finish is light and refreshing, making it a stunning representation of Lowland style Single Malt. MSRP: $54.99

Bladnoch 11 year bottle
Photo courtesy Bladnoch

The 11 Year Old is an impeccable 100% ex-Bourbon cask matured expression that perfectly reflects traditional Lowland style Single Malt. It is smooth and refreshing with a lemon gold color. Notes of delicate floral, sweet honey, and fresh cut apples make this a truly memorable malt. MSRP: $64.99

The 14 Year Old is an elegant Lowland Single Malt matured in ex-Oloroso Sherry casks bursting with flavor. The color of a bronze sunset, it has hints of sweet spices, dried fruits and chocolate with a rich, long finish. MSRP: $109.99

Bladnoch 14 year old bottle
Photo courtesy Bladnoch

This legacy brand has been revived by Master Distiller Dr. Nick Savage, formerly at The Macallan, and owner David Prior, a whisky connoisseur who is the first Australian businessman to own a Scotch Whisky distillery

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