United Way Day of Action Involves Community

United Way Day of Action involves community

United Way of West Ellis County (UWWEC) partnered for the first time with the Greater Ennis United Way June 21, serving together for the 2021 United Way (UW) Day of Action. Thousands of people in hundreds of communities worldwide volunteer through United Way on this Day of Action. It is a snapshot of what United Way does all year long – create opportunities for individuals to improve lives through service, collaboration, and impact.

This year’s Day of Action focused on supporting adults 65 and older, keeping them involved in their communities and helping them stay in their own homes. With this vision in mind, the United Way of West Ellis County and Greater Ennis United Way partnered with Meals on Wheels North Central Texas to provide activity health bags to the 325 residents they serve in Ellis county. The goal of this day was to show these residents that they are a valued part of our county and that the Ellis County community wants to help support their overall mental and physical health.

ladies standing in front of van
Photo courtesy of UWWEC

Providing these activity health bags will encourage brain stimulation and continued health and sanitation. The activity health bags included Sudoku and crossword puzzles, word search books, decks of cards, crayons, pens and pencils as well as anti-bacterial wipes donated by HEB Waxahachie and individual hand sanitizers donated by Methodist Midlothian Medical Center.

UW Day of Action

“This was an incredible Day of Action. After such an isolating year in 2020, it was important for us to get out and safely interact with these individuals on their own front steps and reiterate to them just how valued they are to our community,” says Jamie McNulty, Executive Director of United Way of West Ellis County. “We were truly grateful to be able to come together for the first time with the Greater Ennis United Way to serve individuals throughout all of Ellis County.”

United Way relies on the caring power and support of community volunteers and partners and works continuously to bring groups, organizations, and individuals together to make the greatest impact possible. The 2021 Day of Action would not have been possible without the outpouring of generosity from the following organizations. Meals on Wheels North Central Texas provided the opportunity in which United Way was able to support the needs of these individuals and their team helped distribute the activity health bags appropriately for each individual route. HEB Waxahachie donated sanitizing wipes and Lysol for each bag, and sent 10 volunteers to take on routes and hand deliver the meals and bags to the residents.

Kids holding t-shirts
Photo courtesy UWWEC

Methodist Midlothian Medical Center donated 325 individual hand sanitizers. The students at Elevate After School in Midlothian hand-made over 400 cards of encouragement to help put a smile on each senior’s face when they opened their activity bag. First Baptist Church Midlothian Student Ministry took on the large task of sorting hundreds and hundreds of items and packing each activity health bag that was distributed. Countless volunteers from the community, UW Board of Directors, and local partners took time out to deliver meals and the activity health bags to the residents at their homes.

students with stack of bags
Photo courtesy UWWEC

Meals on Wheels

Christine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director for Meals on Wheels North Central Texas, said, “What an honor to have our great friends from United Way of West Ellis County and Greater Ennis United Way teaming up together to serve and bring smiles to our senior adults throughout Ellis County. The Day of Action provided an opportunity for organizational leaders and board members to volunteer and experience first-hand the value that Meals on Wheels offers in providing healthy nutritious meals, a friendly visit, and safety check. It’s more than just a meal!”

The United Way of West Ellis County is an independent 501(c) 3 organization that has been serving local residents for over 70 years. Our mission of providing support to those in need focuses on education, financial stability and health programs. Collaborative work with local programs, business partners, and community leaders is what differentiates the United Way of West Ellis County. We cater to critical needs, while simultaneously building positive and long-lasting community change.

For more information, please call (972) 723-7520 or visit uwwec.org. The United Way of West Ellis County is located at 717 W. Main Street, Suite 4, Midlothian, TX 76065.