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family in front of axe targets
Zach and Alexsha Vann, with sons Jax (far left) and Adam (far right) own Battle Axes in Midlothian. Photo courtesy Battle Axes

Axe Throwing Is Becoming A Popular Sport

At the new Battle Axes in Midlothian, there is nothing to go to war over. There’s plenty of fun to be had by all.

“Axe throwing is a rapidly growing sport – simply because it is fun!” exclaimed Zach Vann, owner of Battle Axes with his wife Alexsha. “Anyone can do it, even the kids. It’s also a great stress reliever because sometimes you just want to ‘throw something.’

“We really feel that this is why it has caught like wildfire.”

Indeed, it has. In 2017 the World Axe Throwing League, aka WATL, was founded out of Canada. Now, there are 334 WATL affiliated Axe Houses, and Zach said they are excited to be one of them.

Battle Axes opened in late September. They are located at 1704 West FM 875, Building A, Suite 100 in Midlothian. Because Google directions don’t always take folks directly there, Alexsha said, they are located directly behind the Dollar General, located in the Mt. Peak Plaza.

Zach said it wasn’t long – in fact, even before opening – that their popularity began to spread.

“Our first official opening night was Friday, Sept. 23. Before our opening day, while we were still under construction, we hosted a large 40th birthday party for twin brothers,” he said.

The idea for Battle Axes came after Zach participated in some tournaments and fell in love with the sport. He brought the whole family to give it a try and they, likewise, loved it.

Axe Throwing, Like Darts But With Axes

“We started visiting various axe houses. The closest option was in Alvarado, where Battle Axes was previously established. The business shut down, but we bought the name to bring entertainment to Midlothian,” Alexsha recalled.

The modern sport of axe throwing involves a competitor throwing an axe at a target, trying to hit the bullseye as near as possible, much like darts. When throwing hatchets, two players stand next to one another behind a 12-foot line and throw at their own target. A typical match has 10 throws, and the player with the most points win the match.

Of course, there are other games that you can play, such as “HATCHET,” the axe throwing equivalent to HORSE in basketball. Also, 21 and tic-tac-toe are popular.

Battle Axes is family owned and operated. Even their two kids, Adam (13) and Jax (9) help out. Zach is a health and safety director for a wire line (oil and gas) company. Alexsha operates an applied behavior analysis company. She does therapy with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

A Fun Escape & Way To Relieve Stress

“Axe throwing is our fun escape for community entertainment,” Alexsha said.

Battle Axes offers a small selection of snacks (chips, crackers, candy) and drinks (soda, water, coffee). They allow patrons to bring in food or have it delivered. Food trucks are also an option on certain weekends. They opened as a BYOB (beer and wine only) venue and are working on attaining a beer and wine license.

For optional entertainment there are several TVs for sports, music, Giant Jenga, cornhole, and table checkers.

For anyone wondering about the safety aspect, the floor is marked with the proper throwing distance, which can change based upon the type of axe that is thrown. Each guest who walks through the doors is given a safety briefing which includes how to throw, how to retrieve the axe, and remaining aware of our main rule “throw together, retrieve together.”

Each lane is equipped with a magnet where the axe must be hung. This ensures that axes don’t “go walking” around the building. They also required that anyone who enters the building wear closed-toe shoes for an extra layer of protection.

Additionally, hatchet coaches (staff) actively monitor all persons in the building.

Kids 10 & Up Are Encouraged To Try Axe Throwing

“We don’t just welcome the kids, we encourage them to give the sport a try. For our specific facility, we allow children ages 10 and up, so your fourth-grader could give this a try,” Zach said. “What we have found is that those younger may struggle to throw the axe due to the weight. However, we don’t leave anyone out of a fun night, and we have a plastic axe set for the kids.

“Our goal is to host a kids league next year to give kids an opportunity to try something new, something they won’t get to experience in school or youth sports.”

Also, being a WATL affiliated axe house, they will host competitions, including leagues that can be played over weeks or all in one day, known at Marathon Leagues.

“We will host competitions that could put you on ESPN!” Zach exclaimed.

They can host parties of all types and sizes, Zach said.

“Since our opening day, we have hosted multiple birthday parties, a bachelor party, company team building, and group social events,” he said. “We are currently booking many holiday parties and even have a wedding rehearsal dinner on the schedule.”

For more, visit Battle Axes is located at 1704 W FM875, Building A, Suite 100, Midlothian, TX, United States, 76065.

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