Red Oak Police Department’s Newest K9 Officer Bandit

police officer with K9

[Red Oak, Texas] – Red Oak Police Department’s newest officer, K9 Bandit and his handler
Officer Pettit are now ready to serve their community. Officer Pettit and K9 Bandit both
completed training with the Sector K9 Foundation in February of 2024, as part of their Patrol Dog Program.

Within a week of K9 Bandit being with ROPD, he was able to apprehend a felon who ran from officers on foot, tracking him over 1,000 yards into a heavily wooded area.

Sector K9 is a nonprofit organization based in Waxahachie, Texas. Its mission is to utilize its rich background and profound knowledge in law enforcement and police K9 work to provide high-quality training at low or no cost for law enforcement agencies. Sector K9 is committed to rescuing and transforming former shelter dogs into skilled police detection canines through their rescue-2-resource program, along with importing and training purpose-bred dogs for their patrol dog program. Sector K9 takes pride in thoughtfully selecting purebred dogs, enhancing their motivation to excel as working dual-purpose police K9s. Additionally, Sector K9 strives to cultivate highly disciplined working canines through setting industry-standard training and positive reinforcement techniques.

german shepherd

Sector K9 also offers cutting-edge pet training for the public using techniques and lessons
learned in the police canine training industry to cultivate a well-disciplined family pet,
nurturing them into beloved family members eager to conform to house rules. Sector K9’s
unwavering commitment to excellence aims to strengthen the capabilities of law
enforcement teams while promoting the well-being of our four-legged partners.

If you are interested in supporting or learning more about Sector K9, please contact us
through our website or by email at

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