Nathaniel David McCurdy Sentenced to Decades in Prison for Murder of Christopher Johnson

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(Fort Worth, TX) – A Tarrant County jury found Nathaniel David McCurdy, 37, guilty on six charges for fatally stabbing 29-year-old Christopher Johnson in Sansom Park in 2020.

McCurdy on Wednesday was given the following prison sentences: 50 years for engaging in
organized criminal activity, 50 years for murder and 20 year sentences each for two charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. CDC 1 District Judge Elizabeth Beach issued the sentences, which will run concurrently, and noted that the offenses were gang related.

Tarrant County Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Page Simpson, Dani Wojciak and Steven Elliott prosecuted the case.

Johnson and two other victims were forced out of the Eight Ball Billiards and Bar located at 5854 Jacksboro Highway in Sansom Park on October 24, 2020. The victims were attacked in the parking lot as they tried to flee.

Johnson, who was stabbed in the back, died at the hospital.

McCurdy, a documented member of the Pagan’s outlaw motorcycle gang, believed Johnson was affiliated with the Hells Angels. Johnson was not a member of the Hells Angels.

Two additional defendants under indictment are awaiting trial for their role in Johnson’s murder.

Multiple suspects remain unidentified.

McCurdy and his co-defendants were arrested in Hunt County while attending a Pagan’s rally in February 2021.

ACDA Page Simpson noted that McCurdy lacked respect for human life.

“Someone with those values doesn’t deserve to be walking on the streets,” she said.
Johnson’s younger sister, Natalie, told McCurdy after the sentencing that she will never forgive him for taking away her brother, who was her best friend.

“Living life after this isn’t really living,” she tearfully said. “You’ve taken away the light of our life. You have completely broken a family in pieces.”

“I want you to know I hate you. I absolutely hate you,” she said. “I hope my brother’s death haunts you for the rest of your life. … You are a coward and a soulless piece of garbage.”

CDA Investigator Don Pilcher and Victim Advocate Imelda Lopez worked on the case as well.