Midlothian Replacing Code Red Alert System With MidlothianSafe by CivicReady

Midlothian Safe Alerts

Yesterday residents in Midlothian, including myself, received texts and phone calls notifying them the Code Red system is being replaced. Many of us wondered, is this legit or one of those scams going around?

The following is the text we received: “As of November 29, 2022, the City will replace our current Code Red Citizen Alert System with MidlothianSafe by CivicReady. Unfortunately, contact information for those registered with Code Red cannot be automatically migrated to the new system, so we are asking all those currently registered with Code Red to register for MidlothianSafe. Additionally, we are launching a full- scale campaign to encourage all citizens to register with the new MidlothianSafe Alert system. The new system is more robust and flexible than our previous Code Red system.”

It is in fact a legit text, as the City of Midlothian is switching from Code Red Alert to MidlothianSafe by CivicReady, and yes that means you should respond and sign up. If you want to receive just text messages, text your zip code to 38276. By signing up for Midlothian Safe you can receive emergency Weather Alerts and Health and Safety notifications.

CivicReady is an emergency preparedness and notification platform where you can receive emergency alerts straight via phone call, text, and/or email, from Midlothian. The system is intended to be used for emergency alerts, as well as non-emergency incidents that may have significant impacts to residents. Emergency Alerts include specific hazards that require some kind of action be taken such as evacuation, shelter in place, boil water orders, and others. Non-emergency alerts could include road closures, citywide garbage collection delays or cancellations, fire department or law enforcement incidents, and more.


So, if you want to receive emergency notifications, weather alerts, etc. from  the City of Midlothian make sure you signup or respond to the email/text.

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