Midlothian HS Fishing Team Recruits New Members

Midlothian HS Fishing Team Recruiting Members
Photo by Ivey Photography

Midlothian HS fishing team is recruiting new members as they enter their fifth year of competitive team fishing. The team’s Coach, Gilbert Miller, said last year the team combined with Midlothian Heritage High School, and also added 7-8th grade students. Three of the team’s 25 anglers on last year’s team were girls, and four lady anglers have already signed up for 2020-21 season.

Midlothian HS Fishing Team

Coach Miller said, “Joining the team, knowing how to fish helps but is not a requirement. It also helps to have your own gear and access to a boat. We strive to get every student fishing, so we have people that donate equipment, boat captain time, etc., so it helps. But I will stress this sport and tournament fishing is highly competitive and the season runs all year so adverse weather is always a part of it.”

“Tournament bass fishing is a very expensive sport,” Coach Miller said. “Our team is self-funded with no assistance from the schools. We are always looking for support from the community, and we accept sponsors and donations. I also want to thank our volunteer boat captains, without them we’d be sitting on the bank.”

The Midlothian HS team fishes two tournament trails: Central Texas HS Tournament Trail (cthstt) and Texas HS Bass Association (THSBA). Each of these trails features about six tournaments, including championships.

Midlothian HS Fishing Team Recruits New Members
Awards Ceremony with Arturo Gomez, Juston Bolton, Hunter Henderson, Coach Miller, Josh Matthews, Mason Sparkman and Jeff Bolton

Coach Miller said “We have had several teams finish in the top ten and top five in a number of tournaments. We have yet to secure a first place, but it’s coming!”

Texas High School Bass Association Schedule

The 2020-2021 schedule includes five tournaments and the regional championship tournament.

10/3/2020 Lake Ray Hubbard
10/24/2020 Lake Lewisville
11/21/2020 Lake Ray Roberts
2/27/2021 Eagle Mountain Lake
3/20/2021 Lake Lavon
4/17/2021 Regional Championship Lake Lewisville

Coach Miller grew up in Philadelphia, PA until joining the U.S. Army at age 18-19.

“I started fishing at a young age,” he said. “My fishing consisted mainly of saltwater deep sea fishing. I was just over an hour from the Jersey shore and we would go fish on the party boats there. My grandfather taught me how to fish, but he didn’t drive. We had to get my mom to drive us, that’s how she learned. Over the years we would travel the whole east coast fishing. I started bass fishing in Hawaii, when I was stationed there for four years.”

“In 2000 I was stationed at Fort Hood. That’s when i purchased my first bass boat and started tournament fishing. It’s been uphill ever since. I retired from the Army In 2014 after 21 years, and moved with my family to Midlothian. In my fishing career I’ve had some significant wins, including a truck, boat, cash, etc. Four years ago, two kids stopped by and asked if I could help them and the team. I’ve been with the team ever since,” Coach Miller said.

Tournament Opportunities

“Being retired gives me a lot of time to help. I’ve since backed off the tournament trails and dedicated all my time to the high school team. I still fish tournaments here and there but no major pro trails anymore. I may in the future give it another run and see where it goes, but I love teaching the next generation. Especially now, since from high school you can fish collegiate and then go pro. The opportunities are limitless,” Miller said.

Midlothian HS Fishing Team Recruits new members
Coach Miller takes Gavin Milner and Arturo Gomez fishing

Midlothian HS fishing team administrative duties are handled by Wendy Henderson, Ronna Bolton, and Carleen Sparkman, whose sons are on the fishing team. Midlothian HS Fishing Team is actively recruiting new members to join their competitive team on the tournament trail. Follow the adventures of Midlothian HS Fishing Team on their Facebook page. For more information, contact them midlofishing@gmail.com.