Mansfield Water Rumors Are Untrue-Water Supply Is Fine

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Rumors Are False, Mansfield Water In ‘Great Shape’

This morning some residents in Mansfield started to panic about their water after a text message and rumors started circulating about a lack of electricity to pumps. The text told people to fill their tubs with water, in case of an outage. And like most rumors this one started spreading like wildfire. When rumors reached Mansfield City Councilman Casey Lewis, he responded with the following message on social media.


“Mansfield… I don’t know who is still spreading the rumors about our water supply but as of 1:25pm on 2/17 we are still in great shape. Stop the rumors!

The worst thing that can happen is a sudden spike in demand from people in Mansfield filling bathtubs with water. That sudden unnecessary spike could cause pressure to drop in the water lines. Should that happen we will be forced into boil water notices like surrounding cities.


Our water supplier is still delivering water to our water treatment plant. Their pumps are all operational and they also have several days worth of reserve water to send. Our water treatment plant is operational with full power and we have generators at our plant. We have plenty of reserve clean water in our towers and storage units to meet regular daily February water demands. A sudden spike in demand from everyone trying to fill bathtubs unnecessarily at the same time drops water pressure in the lines.

DO NOT PANIC. The Mansfield water supply is not like our surrounding communities and we are in great shape right now. Continue running water on your faucets to prevent pipes from freezing. Continue flushing your toilets like normal. If you truly are concerned and want some reserve water, grab some snow from outside to fill your bathtub.
Your city staff teams have done a great job this week across the board. Warmer weather is just around the corner. Hang in there y’all!”

And the City of Mansfield posted this on their Facebook page: “Mansfield Water Utilities would like to reiterate there is currently no disruption in water service to the city. We realize that Arlington has issued a boil water notice due to a possible main break and increased consumption. At this time, there is no water boil notice for Mansfield. All of our water towers and ground storage tanks are full, and currently have access to full generator power at the treatment plant in the event of loss of electricity. Please be assured there is no need to fill tubs or store water. We will continue to update residents on any and all water-related news via social media channels, so please continue to check back for the latest news.”

So, take a deep breath Mansfield, don’t believe the rumors & please don’t help spread them.

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