Local Restaurants Offer Mocktails for Dry January

Aperol Spritz
Photo courtesy of Coupes

Made a New Year’s resolution to enjoy a Dry January for 2024? Here are some local restaurants that offer options to help you keep your resolution.

One of DFW’s best known happy hour spots, Bar Louie, invites anyone who celebrates Dry January to enjoy one of their two new Mocktails. Both of their colorful concoctions are alcohol free, and designed to look and taste delicious without any buzz.

Pomegranate Paloma: Picture this — Ritual Zero Proof Tequila alternative mingling with zesty pomegranate juice, lime, and a sparkling grapefruit twist, topped with a salty rim finish. It’s a refreshing tequila cocktail celebration without the hangover.

Pineapple Upside Down Margarita: Brace yourself for a tropical fiesta! This refreshing drink features Ritual Zero Proof Tequila alternative blended with tangy pineapple juice, a dash of grenadine and vanilla, and a citrusy splash of both lime and Sprite.

The sensational Mocktails will be available at all of Bar Louie’s locations for $9.50 starting January 1 and all through the month. Prices and availability may vary depending on location. For more info, visit barlouie.com.

Celebrate Dry January at Truluck’s

Mocktails at Truluck's
Photo courtesy of Truluck’s

All three North Texas Truluck’s locations (Uptown, Plano, and Southlake) offer zero-proof cocktails year-round, for those seeking non-alcoholic cocktails. Options include Berry Patch (strawberry, fresh lime, almond syrup, sparkling coconut); and Bright-eyed & Bushy Tailed (raspberry, fresh lime, fever tree ginger beer). Spicy Blackberry Cooler (Blackberries, fresh lime, habanero lime) and Ginger Limeade (fresh lime, fever tree ginger beer) are also on the menu.

These Truluck’s Mocktails are priced at $9 each. For more information, please visit trulucks.com.

Henry’s Majestic

Dry January at Henry's Majestic
Henry’s Majestic photo by Austin Graf

Located at 2303 Pittman Street in Dallas, Henry’s Majestic is offering their Zero Proof cocktails for $5 every day, for the entire month of January. On the Mocktail Menu: The Robert Downey Jr. – Rotating zero proof old fashioned; Who’s Gonna Know? – Ritual tequila alternative, citrus, orange essence, pineapple soda; and Why Is The Rum All Gone? – Lyres white cane, citrus, sugar, and saline. For more information, please visit henrysmajestic.com/.

Coupes Aperol Spritz

Located at 4234 Oak Lawn Ave in Dallas, Coupes offers a non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz. Featuring a non-alcoholic spirit substitute from Ritual, the Aperol Spritz is topped with Lyre’s non-alcoholic sparkling. It has all the flavor of an Aperol Spritz and none of the alcohol. They will also have several other signature cocktails to help people celebrate Dry January. For more information, please visit coupes.com/.

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